Is welfare maximization a prerequisite to wealth maximization?

  • No welfare no Wealth!

    If the mother a child is not well and not healthy the child will never be healthy. Likewise if the people of the country are not taken care of,if welfare doesnt take place,the productivity will decline sharply resulting in no wealth. The wealth will always depend on how well the citizens of the country will be,an unhealthy country willl never be welathy.

  • Too much welfare drains economic resources.

    The idea that maximising welfare results in more wealth is laughable propaganda. Wealth isn't created out of thin air. It has to come from somewhere. Money given to one person has to come from another person or group. By claiming that welfare creates wealth one is basically stating that it is possible to create something out of thin air.

    There should still be a welfare state, but it should be limited in size.

  • Welfare and Wealth Don't Correlate

    Welfare maximization absolutely will not lead to wealth maximization in this country. By increasing welfare, Americans will start losing wealth because they'll be supporting the poor on their backs. With that in mind, welfare maximization is a terrible idea, and the country should focus upon welfare minimization instead for a better outcome.

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