• Yes welfare is too easy to get.

    Welfare is being used improperly and has been from Jump St. The screening process should include a UA for all adult members of the household. Single parents should also provide documentation from the family courts showing the custodial parent is pursuing every possible avenue for child support. These simple task could help eliminate those abiding the sustenance as well as those not interested in helping themselves.

  • Too easy to apply

    They be getting their money and buy crack its whack. This shit is unbelievable and dumb. The federal government is giving people this money and they don't use it for the right reasons. They should have drug test to ensure that the money is speant properly. Have a blessed day

  • Psychology in grade school

    I am a sycholologist and i am welafre!!111!!!!11!! Welafre is 2 ez to get and i need m0r3 of it plzzzzzzz!1!111111!111!1!!1! All of sykololololology needs to now that welfare is an ez get and that all welfares need to be hard!!!!111!!Lol i am the most welfare and uuu arent u wflare nskrub lord

  • Welfare is an easy out

    Many are stuck having to pay for citizens who are not even attempting to seek work and therefore laziness is encouraged in a country that was built of hard work, sweat and tears. Many receive the aid that they need and then many receive the aid that they WANT. It is not a matter of we need it, it's a matter of how it is being abused.

  • It's about creating a government centric society

    Nearly 50 million Americans on Food Stamps, double the number just ten years ago. The majority of recipients have been on the program for more than 5 years. Dependencies are being created, intentionally in my opinion, that will keep those politicians who are doling out the goodies in power. The welfare programs of the last 50 years have been an utter failure, but there has been virtually no interest in fixing the self-inflicted problems; the destruction of the family unit, the sense of entitlement, and the dependency. It's all bad juju.

  • I am unable to get Welfare!

    I am unemployed, and I am trying to go back to school. I receive Financial assistance. My cost for college uses my Financial aid. I need loans to support myself. I applied for welfare (SNAP) benefits, and I was denied. I have been denied so many times. When I apply, I avoid responding to their scheduled appointment. I have zero income, and I get zero welfare. There reasoning is that I am unqualified to receive any benefits. I quit my job to get a better job by going back to college. I have zero money saved. If I was without my mother or father, then I would be homeless. Honest, hardworking people need welfare, and welfare is unavailable. Financial aid will only last several more years, and I can only hope a better job opens up. Because welfare is made unavailable, I can only survive if I get a better paying job. I was unable to afford food and rent, and welfare is unavailable to me.

  • It's a nightmare

    I was laid off as a result of the financial crisis in 2008, and qualified for SNAP benefits. I had to jump through so many hoops to prove to them that I was a real citizen and I was who I said I was and that I was actively searching for work. They require you to travel to make and keep appointments at least once a month even if you do not have access to a vehicle and keep your information actively up-to-date. Even then, they only provided around $100 a month for food only for a single person. Have you tried living on $100 of food a month? I was malnourished and underweight. Having ANY job is far superior and less stressful than having to deal with the red tape of welfare programs. And this was in super-liberal Massachusetts.

  • It's not easy at all.

    To receive welfare or government aid, you need to be REALLY poor. Most of the people in poverty aren't REALLY poor, just poor in general. But I get it, if welfare was rewarded to everyone below poverty, our economy would go dropping. Still, not that easy if you think about it.

  • It is too easy to get

    Yes, I think that welfare is too easy to get and there needs to be more oversight how to get welfare. Too many people seem to be abusing the system for getting welfare, which causes hard working Americans paying taxes some burdens and welfare recipients should be tested first before getting checks.

  • Welfare is hard to get, And should be easy

    I think if you are attempting to work, Or do work, But don't earn enough to live comfortably, You should get a good amount of welfare. This ideology that you must work and suffer just to survive is outdated. The machine has made less work, Produce far more stuff. Jesus christ literally said not to work, That god will provide for us all. Rich people steal the product of your labor, They are the true "welfare queens". All people deserve universal basic income. Automate all the manuel labor jobs that everyone hates, And give everyone 2, 000$ a month to buy the products the machines produce for free.

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