• Habit Restaurants is a good investment due to changing American tastes.

    Habit Restaurants is a good investment because it offers fast food that is based on quality ingredients. Americans are increasingly more aware that leading fast food chains sometimes offer low quality and unhealthy foods. This is creating a renewed interest in restaurants that focus on food quality. Quality fast food is the future and Habit Restaurants is at the forefront and is a good investment.

  • Fast Food is in

    Fast food is in. This means food chains like burger eateries are a reasonably good investment, even if they are only based in a small or distant part of the country. Wall Street always makes exceptions for all industries, meaning even if they are just trends, food companies can be money-makers too.

  • No, Habit Restaurants is not a good investment.

    No, Habit Restaurants is not a good West Coast-based investment opportunity. The majority of restaurant-related stocks including that of the Habit Restaurant chain are not good investments based on current valuations. They are over-priced and ripe for a sharp drop in prices given the current economic conditions. A more conservative investment in commodities or money markets would be a more reasonable action.

  • Market Is Saturated

    I do not believe Habit Restaurants is a good investment because the market is saturated. We need unique ideas not just redo's or those that change a few things and slap a new name on themselves. There's nothing unique about another burger restaurant. Restaurants overwhelming are more likely to fail.

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