• No "equality" in it at all.

    Feminism in the western world is plagued with a self-contradictory nature. Why do they claim to be promoting "equality" when they are trying to elevate one gender far above another? Feminism USED to serve a useful purpose- such as the right for women to vote or to eliminate wage bias- but now, they expect us to believe that women are naturally smarter than men, that they can efficiently fight in frontline combat, that marriage is a male-serving relationship..... The funniest thing is that they call US sexist for disagreeing with them. I don't believe that either men or women are naturally smarter than the other, I don't want women to be subject to the conditions of frontline combat, and in marriage, both of them serve each other. Furthermore, I oppose the feminist movement in large part because I feel that they are EMBARRASING women, and I don't want to see that. Now try and tell me why I am the one being sexist.

  • Identity politics is killing dream of equality.

    Feminism, in the shortest terms possible, is a great idea masked behind loud and terrible supporters (even if they claim that the misandrists are only a select few). Nonetheless, feminsim in the western world has hundred of complaints, but no solutions. Let us say we dismantle the patriarchy. What then? What will overcome this idea of a patriarchal society. Who will be in charge of this equality?

  • Of Course it is

    It's not just modern feminism that is sexist all feminism is sexist form the start of time. It is proven by since that men are stronger, wiser and better at everything than women. The reason that they could not vote is because there tiny littler brains couldn't handle such a big decision after most of there decisions were mostly what to wear and what to make the man for tea that day. As soon as they got the vote the economy of the countries crashed cause the women were making their decision on who looked the best or who had the nicest hair.

  • Those men who don't agree to feminism are labeled as 'sexist'.

    That for me, is wrong. Labels are harmful. I agree women and men should have equal rights in almost all aspects. But that would, in my opinion, call upon myself as an Equalist - not a Feminist. The very term Feminist implies a sexist ideology. If is was about equal rights then would they accept that men unfairly paid more in car insurance premiums just because of their gender? Or would they accept women get the better deal in custody family court proceedings? Yet, those inequalities mean nothing to most Feminists. When the EU ruling outlawed the discrimination of men's premium car insurance there was awol on the internet and phone lines. This demonstrates quite clearly they don't believe in equalism. Many women, under the Feminist it seems are hell bent on domination not equality.

  • From what I've seen, yes.

    I've personally known a few strong feminists, and, being a man, I can pretty clearly see how they feel about men. There is an acidic hatred that seems only tempered by the rules of society. They are unyielding, arrogant, ignorant and hurtful, in a vicious way. Kindness seems to bounce right off some of the more "devoted" followers.

    "The tyrannical man is incapable of being fair to all genders." Hah! What a broad and laughable statement. If you are a woman and you want to get in a career that is filled with men, I say go do it. You catch more bees with honey, remember. If you don't want to be a stay at home mom, then don't be one. If you want to shave your head and dance around in the pale moonlight go do it. Nobodies holding you down but yourself, come on, this isn't 1950 anymore. You can vote now. The battle is over. Or, if their is a battle, it is very contained and is easy to escape from.

    Sure there are differences. Of course there are differences. We aren't the same. But we are equal.

  • My Mind Was Changed

    Now, I think I was like many people observing this issue. I'd never really learned about Western Feminism or its ideas. I just nodded and tacitly supported it, because if you don't support feminism, that's bad right? You hate women or something?

    Well, then I actually found out what feminism dictated. A feminist introduced me to terms from her college class, telling me with absolute certainty that only men can be sexist, because men are all oppressors.

    Naturally I was a little surprised, as I had assumed sexism was any prejudice based on gender. After all, isn't it fair to have one standard and hold everyone to it? Saying women can't be sexist is basically putting women in a special category where they can't be held to a standard.

    After saying so, I was promptly lambasted as a chauvinist sexist. Well, I'd rather take that and have them explain why sexists want women to have equal pay, voting rights, and maternity leave.

  • We shouldn't have either.

    It's not good at this point to have either feminism or, what do you call it? Maleism I guess. Yes, at this point there are plenty of inequalities for women and plenty of inequalities for men. We should work to right these wrongs in society, not by saying one gender's inequalities are more important and acting like the other gender has none. We must work together, to right wrongs on both sides.

  • Feminism is cancer.

    There is no need for feminism in western society. Men and women in western society are equal in every possible way. Wester society feminist try and make up false facts to show women are oppressed but they are not, feminists try and argue that there is a wage gap bit there is not, feminist try and argue that we are in a rape culture when we are not in western society today women make false accusation against men and get away with it even though that is defamation of character, and finally all feminists play the victim card they sit there and intigate and assault males but when a male retaliates the feminist plays the victim card and gets the man in trouble. In conclusion, western society feminism is cancer and it tries to give women more rights than men.

  • My opinion changed when I bothered to learn about feminism.

    Buzzwords like Toxic Masculinity, the Male Gaze, Patriarchy, mansplaining, manspreading. Basically feminists believe that men are all inherently violent and defective. They see male-ness as a disease.

    Rather than counter the arguments of critics, Feminists demonize their critics as sexists and misogynists in order to silence opposition. Feminists claim that the movement isn't about man-hating, but it doesn't take more than 30 minutes on Twitter or especially Tumblr to see how thin that argument is. Not to mention a quick google search to find hateful comments from all the most prominent Feminists, like Gloria Steinem, Andrea Dworkin, Jessica Valenti, etc.

    The key is that feminists don't believe that it's possible for women to be sexist against men... Which gives them all the justification they need to hate men.

    Don't take my word for it: actually read sites like Everyday Feminism, Jezebel, the Huffington Post, Feministing, the Verge, Slate, etc.

    Contrast that with Christina Hoff Sommers, Camille Paglia, Milo Yiannopoulos, Karen Straughan, Sargon of Akkad, etc.

  • No, not really

    I'm not sure what is meant by "Western feminism"; feminism is feminism no matter what part of the world you're in. The dictionary defines feminism as "a doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men." If you agree with that, then, believe it or not, you are a feminist. Just because "feminist" sounds like "feminine" doesn't mean that these rights are strictly for helping women, nor should feminist only be women. Members of all sexes should work together to eradicate inequality and discrimination between sexes. This is the principle idea of feminism, it just happened that historically, it was women who faced most of the inequality and discrimination and it was women who formed the doctrine stating that women should be equal to men (hence "feminism"). But even radical feminism doesn't endorse "man-hating", they simply oppose patriarchy (men always being in power) because they believe it invariably leads to oppression of women. To me, even this doesn't seem too "radical", women should be given more of a chance to become leaders. I think most men (and even some women) are very uneducated as to the beliefs of feminists and would rather continue to regurgitate misconceptions rather than actually learn about the goal of feminism. A simple Google search could clear that up.

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