Is Westernization responsible for crime against women?

Asked by: stella123456
  • Westernization has somewhat been responsible for crime against women

    Westernization has very well changed the dressing sense of people as we can see today .Girls dressing sense in one way or the other has acted as a danger to them .But again all crimes don't take place due to the dressing sense .We can see that the women are competing the men in today's world, men having more ego problem ,try to show the women the place where they belong .When they couldn't stop them they found this to be an easier way . Again drinking and smoking has been a western influence which often pose a danger for women especially at night. The rules of the eastern people of not allowing women to go out at night has been overcome by the western influence .Women felt that these rules were to keep them at home but in fact this was to save them.

  • No, Westernization is not responsible for crime against women.

    As in western countries women there are more free and libereted. They have achieved success in many fields traditionally that were for men. Atually the problem is not with culture but with our weak laws and illiterate population. Due to weak laws people dont fear and do shameful acts freely

  • Westernization not responsible for crime against women

    Westernization is by no means perfect, but it has actually helped women men that has caused any sort of hurt. Westernization has given women the right to vote, equal rights and protections under the law, and in some instances easier access to divorce. Westernization has helped to bring about these changes that are good for women.

  • No, western civilization is not responsible for crimes against women.

    Although many western civilizations do treat women very badly, other civilizations also are guilty of misogyny, many times even worse than the way women are treated in western cultures. For example, women in middle eastern countries are treated as very low class citizens, and are even frequently punished by death for their crimes. This is even worse than the way women are treated in the west.

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