Is what happend to WPIX on 9/11 hauntingly tragic because it showed the twin towers being hit over and over?

  • Yes it is.

    People who watched the station that day were surely tramautized by the whole ordeal because when the planes hit it caused the station to stutter and keep broadcasting he signal over and over. It was a sharp and pongnet reminder of what had happened that day and it made the mornings events fresh in people's minds.

  • The images are chilling.

    The chilling images captured by WPIX on September 11th 2001 have been replicated by practically every major news source in the entire world. These images of the planes hitting the Twin Towers and their eventual collapse have been burned into the imagination of practically every person in the world. While this is haunting for people who had no connection to the attacks, it must be fairly traumatic for those who lost loved ones to constantly be exposed to these images.

  • Yes, it is hauntingly tragic.

    Yes, having to see the Twin Towers being hit over and over again is hauntingly tragic. It causes us to relive the awful events of 9/11. Those terrible events caused thousands of deaths and created a shock wave of pain that reverberated around the world. Seeing the images again and again re-opens wounds that haven't fully healed.

  • No, the frozen image broadcast by WPIX on 9/11 showed the moment that a plane hit one of the buildings but did not show this as a repeated action.

    No, the broadcast on WPIX of a frozen image of the moment that a plane hit one of the twin towers was not hauntingly tragic as it did not show the resulting human tragedy that followed. It was the destruction of the buildings and the fear that followed that terrorized many people. This destruction was broadcast live for the full day and served to maintain fear that something even worse was yet to come.

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