Is what society determines as being normal actually insanity?

Asked by: Babeslayer
  • Absolutely, and here's why.

    Einstein said that the definition of insanity was repeating the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Knowing that, lets take a look at what "normal life" looks like.

    Go to school, get a job, get married. This is what basic life boils down too. Your normal day will be spent doing the same thing you do all day every day for the rest of your life. If you go to work everyday hoping for a promotion, you're insane. If you go to school everyday and do your assignments hoping for a better grade, you're insane. If you have problems with your marriage and argue with your wife every night with hopes of calming her down, you and your wife are insane.

    The only kinds of people who aren't insane, are the crazy ones. The ones we deem as insane, the people you look at funny. It doesn't matter what they do that makes them seem crazy, but the fact that they aren't "normal" makes them the only truly normal ones.

  • Its really true

    For example: the society says that you have to study in a university because if you dont, You won't win nothing at life, But thats what society says. Maybe you can study less and help other people life around the world. You are not a loser if you dont go to university

  • What is Normal?

    Normal doesn't actually exist if you think about it. Yes sure you look at certain people and you're like, "they are not normal" but they could be looking at you saying you're not normal. Also if you think about it everybody has their, "quirks." the quirks are not considered normal so if you met someone that was completely normal, you would consider them abnormal, right? So in this sense normal does not exist.
    For society to consider something normal is actually crazy because behind the definition of normal is "conforming to a standard, usual, typical, or expected." so if in your culture you did things a certain way then you moved you would be considered abnormal. Lets say that your town is full of alcoholics, then it would be considered normal to be an alcoholic and abnormal to not drink at all, which is insane!

  • Oh my gosh yes!

    What is the actual defenition of "normal"? I do not believe there is one correct defenition for it. Everyone has their own perspective as to what normal is. So for society to make immpossible standards of what men and women should be like because its "normal" is just not right.

  • Yes, of course!

    We look at people who are different like they are freaks. People who prefer to wear black, listen to rock music, has many tattoos, a shaved head, long hair, or many piercings, are considered "weird." But really, isn't everyone else?

    These people (and others) that I mentioned above are not afraid to be themselves. They get judged everyday, but they live with it, while others strive to fit in. They actually strive so much that they will listen to music like Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber to make people like them. I find it sad that they would feel as if what you listen to really matters! But, y'know, they don't just think that, because, well, somewhere along the line it became "a thing" to listen to a certain thing to "fit in."

    Example: I get made fun of because I am a female and I prefer Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Star Trek over Twilight! I mean, that would be sexist, but it's not. Guys AND gals make fun of me for it. I wasn't aware that people disliked people who liked things differently. >.>

    What I'm TRYING to say is: Don't be afraid to be who you are! If you try to be like others want you to be, you're turning from a bright, beautiful crayon into a dull, white one. Stay beautiful, keep it ugly! The ones who try to be like others are the actual people with insanity. <3

  • Informally, yeah. Literally, No.

    Insanity is the state of being mentally ill. You could argue that insanity is being extremely foolish or irrational, but such behaviors end up leading right back to brain chemistry. I'm not playing semantics, I'm just trying to explain what insanity really refers to. Now if the question were, "Is what society determines as being normal actually not normal?" I would be on the other side of this column. Society does not describe "normal" as serial killers, rapists, schizophrenics, hoarders, people with OCD, or children with autism. Societies norms are often unrealistic, unattainable, and unhappy outcomes, but I don't think insanity is an accurate way to describe those norms.

  • This question itself is insane.

    For once I would like to see just one person show us all this all inclusive list of standards "society" supposedly wields it's great power in it's nonexistence. Society is imaginary folks. A mental concept of a group you yourself don't belong to but everyone else does so you can give it an identity of your own creation which still doesn't make it any more real. We are individuals who have different beliefs, ideologies, likes and dislikes, morals, traditions, customs, etc. Most people don't even understand the definition of the word society is when two or more people agree to work towards a shared goal this makes them a "society." Most people love their limited understanding more than actually acquiring accurate knowledge. It's not hard to master the English language but it appears most people are comfortable in their confused mental state and see little value in seeking wisdom or don't believe they are deserving/capable of becoming enlightened.

  • Insanity is insanity

    Insanity is insanity. There are different forms of it. Some things that are now acceptable in society as perfectly normal are inappropriate, immoral, and plain wrong. I don't think it has anything to do with insanity, but I certainly understand how someone from a different time or place could take a look at it all and say, "Are you people insane??"

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