Is what unites India neither Bollywood nor cricket but corruption?

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  • No, unless that's what unites all countries.

    Let us not be the ones to throw stones here. Sure, it is probably true that India has a corrupt government. However, what about the United States and other countries? Cricket and Bollywood are the symbols, just like football and Hollywood are in the United States. Underneath there is corruption in every government.

  • No, the corrupt entities in India are not a majority, and certainly not a cohesive element in the cultures of the country at large

    While it is true that stories of corruption in India are not rare, and that the system of social castes in place do nothing to reduce injustice when it comes to the plight of the poor at the hands of the wealthy or powerful, corruption is not entirely pervasive, and for many, especially those in the middle class who are able to focus on things other than how to survive and feed a family from day to day, things like cricket and Bollywood movies (or television in general) are just as useful for connecting people in interest or celebration of a common thing. In fact, cricket is as popular, and as polarizing (though among fan bases, not between one Indian citizen and another) as American or European football. Bollywood is not so much something that unites as it is a topic of conversation, and a cultural treasure, something uniquely Indian and incredibly popular. It doesn't seem appropriate to say that two people in India would unite over a Bollywood movie, but they would both consider it a part of their culture. By contrast, while corruption is something that two individuals in India might consider a part of their culture, it is not something that would unite them, and in fact, if we're talking about a corrupt official and a small business owner, it may serve to further the distance between them on a daily basis. So no, India is not united under corruption, despite its prevalence. That's like saying America is united under lobbying, or Britain is united under CCTV.

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