Is what we get in life purely based on fate (yes) or does hard work also matter (no)?

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  • Both are equally important...........

    At first destiny was regarded not as a universal abstract necessity but as the fate of individual mortals. Everyone had his own particular fate. Necessity was thus broken down into a large number of fatal forces, sometimes embodied in various creatures such as the oracle, the sorceress, the magician, and so on. Sometimes these forces of destiny came into conflict with each other.

    Fatalism is based on the assumption that everything in the world and in people's lives is predetermined by natural or supernatural forces, that there is a rational being which sets the goal for everything that happens in nature, and that this being is called god. Everything in the world is predestined and no one is responsible for what happens.
    In contrast to religious fatalism, Holbach developed the conception of materialistic fatalism. All events were predetermined, not by the divine will but by the relentless sequence of cause and effect, a chain from which not a single link could be eliminated. Necessity commanded not only the physical world but also the world of the mind, wherein consequently everything was also subordinate to fate. Although this mechanistic conception differs from the religious in that it makes its appeal to the natural and not to the supernatural, the two coincide in their general principle. In both philosophies man is doomed to obedience, in one case, to the will of God, in the other, to the immutable laws of nature. Primitive society presupposes the complete identity of freedom and non-freedom for its members, none of whom are yet capable of separating their inner being from that of the tribe. Human actions are thought of as the expression of the will of supernatural forces, as the inevitable blind and capricious power of destiny, which man must obey just as he obeys the life cycle of his organism (blood circulation, breathing, etc.) and the compelling force of instinct.

  • Fate isn't real

    There isn't such thing as 'fate' . True there is a god, but who controls what we do? Fate?
    God is merely just an observer, guiding us to the right way, but most of our choices and results is the cause of what we choose to do. It is up to you to shape your future.

  • There are certain elements of our lives that we cannot control.

    Where we're born, what family we're born into, these are things we can't control. And while they may decide who we are or where we've come from, they do not decide what we do or where we're going.

    We can control our minds and our actions, when we use them unwisely---we've no one to blame but self.

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