Is white chocolate better than dark chocolate?

Asked by: Smithereens
  • It tastes better

    I'm not using website or facts at all, but I've got a pretty good feeling that white chocolate is preferred among nutritional people.. And it's probably healthier, too. Although I don't know the ingredients used in dark chocolate, I DO know that white chocolate does not have the chocolate solids that dark chocolate has. It has cocoa butter, milk, vanilla, and a bit of sugar. Compared to dark chocolate, it's much healthier.

  • White Chocolate Tastes Better

    Dark chocolate may be healthier for you, but chocolate was never something that was intended to be eaten every day. Dark chocolate just tastes bitter and gross when you eat it by itself, and is barely tolerable when mixed into a dish. White chocolate tastes great on it's own, and gives a sweet, creamy, delicate taste when mixed in with other dishes.

  • White Chocolate Tastes Better

    Dark chocolate may be healthier for you, but it tastes bitter and gross. Chocolate was never something that was meant to be eaten everyday, so taste is definitely more important than nutritional value. White chocolate tastes great on it's own, and can add a sweet, creamy, delicate taste that most people love so much.

  • The Superior Chocolate: White

    White chocolate is superior to dark chocolate in every way. In past times, the world agreed that dark chocolate was superior, but new opinions have formed and become popular. Studies have shown that white chocolate has greater intellectual benefits to dark chocolate. Some say that dark chocolate should not be allowed to exist.

  • Creamy and yummy!

    White chocolate contains several brain stimulating ingredients, so the dopamine production in the brain is increased - actually nature's own Ritalin! - AND it tastes great AND wont give migraine sufferers like me a cocoa migraine! White chocolate also makes you feel full so you dont overeat - okok never buy more than 1 bar at the time ,)!!!

  • White chocolate is better

    White chocolate contains a higher percentage of milk and so is a very good source of calcium it is also so sweeter and has a more creamier,butterier and more luxurious taste; although dark chocolate has more health benifits,it is bitter,sour and and leaves a longlasting flavour in your mouth which can be a good thing or a bad thing

  • Yes, it definitely is

    White Chocolate is a lot better than dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is bitter, and does not taste good. It may be healthy, but is it worth it. White chocolate has just the right amount of sweetness. I don't know what else to say, but dark chocolate does NOT taste good.

  • White Chocolate is Superior

    Well, while dark chocolate is healthier then other chocolates, I find white chocolate superior because it has a more unique texture, it's harder to find in shoppes, it's more easily colored to appeal to a younger demographic, and, in my own personal opinion, it's flavor is sweeter and unique to other chocolates. Dark chocolate tends to taste a bit bitter to me as well.

  • Dark Chocolate Tempers easily.

    When you want to use chocolate to make desserts or sweet treats it is much easier to dark chocolate because it is less picky when it comes to tempering. White chocolate is very picky and burns easily during the tempering process. So next time you are wondering which is better remember that Dark Chocolate is the best.

  • Healthier, Flavourful, Better

    Dark chocolate is a much healthier chocolate than white chocolate. It can help prevent many different types of diseases. White chocolate is less healthier as it has more sugar and vanilla. When you eat dark chocolate, I don't feel like I need to finish the whole packet. That is good because then we won't get obese from eating too much chocolate

  • Dark Chocolate is way better

    I personally love the taste of dark chocolate. The slight bitterness of it compliments the overall sweetness, adding a bit more base to it than both white and milk chocolate. I can also eat a little bit of it without feeling like I need more. Just a tiny bit of it is enough to satisfy my cravings. White chocolate on the other hand is good, but it is too sweet and you can get addicted to it pretty easily. So overall I think dark is the better choice.

  • Dark Chocolate is more Healthy

    White chocolate has little cocoa and a lot of milk and sugar. That is why is taste better than dark chocolate. Meanwhile, Dark Chocolate has a lot of cocoa. Coca is very healthy for you. Crazy right? Cocoa consumption can result in lower blood pressure, improved blood vessel health, and improvement in cholesterol levels. This research is proven by Harvard researchers. There are many more health benefits with cocoa consumption!! To read about more of them, go to

  • Dark Chocolate is better.

    As an avid athlete, a balanced diet is very important. Research has shown that a small bar of dark chocolate every day can help keep your cardiovascular system running up to speed, and many studies prove it can help fight depression, and depression like symptoms. Plus, dark chocolate tastes great, so its the best of both worlds!

  • Dark chocolate is both more flavorful and healthier.

    Even science proves it, white chocolate is actually more of a sugary compound while dark chocolate is made mostly from cocoa powder itself. Cocoa can relieve depression, improve circulation, and even prevent cancer. White chocolate has a very low cocoa compound, the lowest of the rest of chocolates, and therefore is more sugary and some people would say it's too sweet.

  • Don't be racist.

    All colours of chocolate are equal, no matter if they're black or white. Otherwise, it is completely subjective as to which colour is best. Personally, I believe white trumps all and that nothing is better than it, but my views may differ from the next man. However, I am the only person who is correct in the world, therefore White Chocolate is better than Dark Chocolate.

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