• Yes and Proud

    I ain't eatin no dirty nigger chocolate, These dirty niggitos think their 3/5th chocoltae is worth the same as my proud white chocolate. Cmon brother like its great stuff. .

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  • Stupid human being

    I think it's racist because they have no repect in blck choco
    Have a yterrible day.
    This daebate is an awesome, E sirt
    I luv 3> yall and hate you blah blah bkuuhygtdrecdrcd g v vf f v tvi vb ihhb I ii o g7v yy g ygog oup[p gp [g

  • No, It’s not freaking racist

    It’s chocolate. First we call soap dispensers racist, Now we are calling chocolate racist? Really? Just enjoy food and leave politics out of delicious food. Soon I bet, They be a debate on “Are water molecules racist? ” I mean c’mon, We live in modern time, We know better than this.

    Posted by: Idle
  • White chocolate is not racist.

    Saying, "I am white" is not a racist comment. Saying, "You are bad at something because you're white" is a racist comment. We are just stating that it is the color white.

    Also, You are not meaning it in a racist way.

    I don't know what else to write. :)

  • White chocolate isn't racist

    Why would you think that somebody or something is racist just because of color. I am white and I am not racist. Anything that is white or any other color can be either racist or not racist. It depends on individual. It is dumb to think that somebody is racist because of skin color. In fact thinking somebody has some personality because of skin color or race is racist.

  • My opinion on topic

    No white choclate is the colour that the choclate is. There is no sign or direct way to deem it racist, By calling it by its colour is not a racist way its like dark choclate that isn't racist unless i called in ni%#er choclate.
    . . . . .

  • This is literally one of the dumbest arguments ever.

    Read the heading. You people need to get a life and debate something interesting. It's like asking if snow is racist. Or if the White House is racist. Adjectives are adjectives. Get your head out of the freaking gutter, People. Seriously. I can't believe I wasted my time typing this argument.

  • White Chocolate is NOT racist

    White Chocolate is not racist because it's intention and usage is not in a racist demeanour. The reason why White Chocolate is white is that of the composition of the ingredients made to make White Chocolate. Besides, Even if there was a usage of white food colouring it likely would just be used to differentiate between the chocolate.

    This also leads me to my next point, White chocolate is not racist because a "color" in itself cannot be racist. Think of a chess board, It's white and black and is there intention to be racist? No.

    So that is why I personally believe that White Chocolate is not racist.

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