Is white privilege a real thing in 2018 and if so, where have you seen it?

Asked by: 100Clowns
  • It is Everywhere

    I worked in a restaurant. There was a party of 20+. A white woman and a black man were to tag team serve them. They WOULD NOT let the black man serve them.
    A protest Black Lives Matter was RETALIATED by whites with All Lives Matter. White people claim to be for equality yet retaliate their protest rather than support it.

  • White privilege means white preference

    Although I believe the phrase has been sullied by the fervor of opponents of the concept, it’s actually a really simple and easy to understand idea. White privilege, at its core, means white preference. A privilege is an unearned benefit, and in this case it refers to the unearned preferential treatment white people teceive (in white-majority countries). Statistics regarding sentencing, ordered by race, controlled for other variables reveal that judges have a preference for white people, meaning they sentence them less harshly than they would a non-white person.

  • White privilege does not exist.

    I believe that white privilege does not exist. I say this, because in today's world there no longer are any laws placing whites over any other race in America. We are currently in a time of total legal equality, meaning anybody has the opportunity to do anything. Opponents of my opinion would argue that whites have it easier in the courts. I would argue that when 13% of the population commits over 50% of all murders in the country, there's a problem. And it *definitely* is not with "white privilege."

  • The only time that I have seen being white gave you a more lenient punishment was in high school.

    I went to a school that was 75% black, with more than half of the teachers, and almost all of the admins being black and they would be much more strict with the black kids than they would be with everyone else. I joked to my best friend that the reason he got detention for something small was because he was black. That being said, I haven't seen any unequal treatment of people because of their color since then. I don't get where this white privilege is coming from.

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