• Wicca is a religion

    Of course Wicca is a religion it has got more than 4 people following it, but not that's not just it, Wicca has been around for longer, most of the other religions stole the dates for wiccan celebrations and made it their own to back their gods and their beliefs.

  • Wicca is older than any baster god!

    How many kind and loving people have catholic, and christian basterds burnt at the stake saying they are a evil witch? Wicca is loving and exepting to everything and everyone. Why? Why do you hate us so? We have never hurt you. Yet you hurt us with every chance you get! You are by far a less worthy religon than us! YOU ARE ALL MURDERS!

  • Yes, Wicca is.

    I would like to participate by adding that I , too, am Wiccan. I genuinely can't believe that anybody would suggest otherwise. And, though I choose to push the negative energies that are religious discrimination aside, I cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that some people do not believe that an individual can choose to believe something. I believe in the god and goddess, just as much as the next believes in god, or the realms of afterlife, or in nothing at all - if not for humanity itself, and everything positively scientifically proven. So, correct me if I am mistaken, because I can be, but any one person who decides to choose no - whatever my views/beliefs - does so have that right to choose to believe what they may. Just like I am choosing to believe that not only is Wicca, and the worshipping of The Divine All, a religion, it is also mine.

  • Yes, Wicca is a religion like any other.

    Wicca has a set of practices that stem from beliefs about nature and the feminine side of divinity. Many think it is about witches in the bad sense, but it is really a celebration of life and a code of ethics which is the same as just about any other religion. There are rites and rituals that are encouraged.

  • Of course it is.

    In some countries, it is considered a religion by the government itself. Besides, it has everything a religion needs; deities, beliefs, principles. Wicca has two gods, two polarities; male and female. It is nature-based religion which has, as a main principle, to harm none. Even if it's a very, very young religion, it is still a religion.

  • As a Wiccan... No....

    A (personal) religion may evolve from from a person's experience as a Wiccan, but Wicca itself is a spiritual initiatory mystery tradition with many different expressions (traditions). Collectively we may agree on certain aspects of belief and practice, but every person's experiences, and how they come to understand/realte to those experiences will differ. A religion... Like the three big ones.... Have a common set of beliefs which are expected to be adhered to/accept as is, the same for all who claim to be members of that religion; Wicca has no such element. A religion... Like the big three... Asserts itself as "the way" all should be.... Wicca has no such sentiment. A religion suggests that only by living in the context of their mythos and practices may a person come to know the Divine.... Again, Wicca does not embrace such ideology.

    Wicca is a spiritual path for sure. It is full of potential and promise for its adherents. Many find lives full of purpose and meaning by observing this path; many cultivate personal "religions" out of their experience... But itself is not a religion.

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