• Yes it should be

    The widow woman can remarrie because in 1856 the widow women can remarrie act was passed so widow women can remarrie
    so i will support and it have many resaons to say sa widow women remarrie according to act i think this is enough to say the widow women can carry..................

  • Yes it should be

    It is not illegal if I am not mistaken and therefore should not be considered unacceptable but perhaps it is not a very popular trend either, not to say that it has to be to be considered acceptable, but I think if a woman is struggling financially because of the death of husband, it should not be not wrong to seek remarriage.

  • No. Widow remarriage is considered a taboo in India.

    No. Historically speaking, widow remarriage has been frowned upon and even considered a taboo in India. India has often given widows a stereotypical stigma of being a weight on the general public. Often, widows were made to stay away from other family members and stay in public assistance housing. There are groups in India that are now speaking out about this historic practice and seeking to reform the public mind-set. Hopefully this will come to full fruition in India.

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