Is Wikipedia a reliable source to use for

Asked by: TrotskyistRebel
  • As far as I'm concerned, it is, provided we're not linking to a page that has multiple issues.

    Wiki is a bit like the internet itself. Full of very useful and up-to-date information but it also, being such an open resource, has some material which is of more dubious provenance. We just need to be discerning and ensure, when we do use it, that the references and the source material are sound. I have found RationalWiki extremely useful as well, by the way. I don't think I ever found a more easily digestable, as well as comprehensive, list of cognitive biases anywhere else (and all the further links are a bonus for those who wish to explore their topics further). So, yes, I think it can be reliable but that does not mean we should use it in 'sleep-mode', we need to always be alert to its potential weak links.

  • Really, I'm undecided.

    I just want to see what you guys have to say about this topic. It's constantly argued for either side every where I go. I am sure you guys have plenty to share about your experiences with this website, knowing that many people on this website use it constantly. So, select your stance and let everyone know!

  • Wikipedia can be changed by anyone .

    Due to Wikipedia being open to the public , anyone can change what is said on there to benefit them. In the long run, sources such as sirs.Discoverer or a newspaper or any other source should be used . If the children in our school systems are taught to not use Wikipedia , why should we use it ? We need reliable sources to prove our standpoint .

  • Use wiki's sources rather.

    Some of what can be found on wikipedia just doesn't agree with what most of what society/history has shown. It's reliability if iffy because of it's ability to be largely edited. I think if wiki where made completely private and the pages done by professionals in the field of the page topic ( Like getting a Historian to do a page on the Renaissance or something) then it would be a lot better.

  • Doesn't further sources much...

    Some voters may actually weight use of it against a voter, doubly so since they may read something on it (something new even?) which is harmful to the argument of the person who linked it.

    However it's good for finding sources, as each page has a detailed course list.

    If linking it, there's ways to time-stamp the link, to ensure the audience sees exactly what you saw.

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