Is Wikipedia valuable: Does Wikipedia safeguard well against these problems?

  • Wikipedia is great source

    I think wikipedia is one of the greatest inventions ever. It helpful to everyone, even doctors these day are using it. I don't think there is any thing unsafe about wikipedia. And its becoming so popular that its usually the first search page on Google. So that it self explains everything.

  • Wikipedia: The Death of a Traveling Encylopedia Salesman

    Wikipedia is valuable in a way that not many youngsters today understand. When I was a kid traveling encylopedia salesmen would come to your door toting entire bound volumes composing 20 or more brown leatherback books! They would expound for hours upon the value of having your own encyclopedias in your home! Endless knowledge available at your fingertips. This was obviously before the Internet explosion and that wealth of information. Wikipedia is valuable in that it has replaced those books of yore. Then again you have to take the information you find with a grain of salt because ANYONE can edit the pages! Proceed with caution. And Rest in Peace Encyclopedia Salesmen :)

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