Is Wikipedia valuable: Is Wikipedia "notability" policy appropriate?

  • Yes Wikipedia contains some valuable information.

    It's understandable that there will be some errors in Wikipedia because of the policy that allows anyone to make changes to the text. However, in most instances there is some good basic information in any article that you find here. It is useful as long as you take some things with a grain of salt and double check the info if it is important.

  • Wikipedia isn't an academic resource

    Wikipedia is community moderated, which would mean something if the community consisted of anyone notable. As it is, the standards by which they judge articles aren't necessarily bad, but the people making these judgments are. Go through a list of the top Wikipedia contributors of all time and what will you see? Academics? Experts in the field? No. You'll find a lot of guys who love comic books. Look up Superman on Wikipedia sometime. You'll never need to know that much about Superman in your life.

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