Is Wikipedia valuable: Is Wikipedia's policy of anonymity a good idea?

  • Yes, Wikipedia's anonymity policy is good idea.

    Wikipedia is basically an encyclopedia of everything, collaborated on by thousands of people, some of which cannot disclose the information they have because of fear from political, social, and/or judicial punishment. By keeping their identity safe, these people are able to share any and all the information they have without having to fear for their lives in any form; as far as the integrity of Wikipedia's information is concerned, all changes are reviewed painstakingly so being anonymous doesn't make any person's opinion anymore valid or invalid than if they had a publicly visible identity.

  • Wikipedia is a big PR firm

    At this point, Wikipedia is so prevalent that it is no longer an encyclopedia - which it was never especially good at - and is now being used by lobbyists, PR agencies, etc. to advance and promote careers and policies. If there was no anonymity, it would help curb these practices.

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