• She bangs, she bangs!

    So some finalists were one hit wonders. After all, who could forget Sunjaya? But William Hung would certainly fit the bill as the most famous person not to make it to finals. His audition had a truly viral impact that gave him a bit of fame and notoriety that some finalists didn't even get to enjoy.

  • William Hung is the most famous 'one-hit wonder' from American Idol.

    Absolutely agree, William Hung is the most famous 'one-hit wonder' from American Idol. Though according to analysts Hung's singing career started out of mockery. Unlike other contestants who wanted to become pop stars, his aim was simply to sing. Despite being an American idol reject, Hung rapidly gained a cult following. In 2006 he was crowned the Artichoke King of 2006 in Castroville, California's Artichoke Festival.

  • Yes, William Hung is the most famous "one-hit wonder" from American Idol

    William Hung's infamous audition from American Idol was easily the show's most memorable. His extremely awful performance resulted in a record deal and a brief flirt with celebrity. His audition was at the peak of American Idol popularity, and will go down as one of the worst performances in show history.

  • For someone who cannot sing, William Hung made a lasting impression.

    Not able to carry a tune or hit proper notes, William Hung became a viral superstar overnight. Not only was his hilarious performance infamously memorable, he paved the way for the droves of copycats who followed him in subsequent seasons, hoping for their shot at 'one-hit wonder' fame. I definitely believe that he is not only he original 'one-hit wonder' from American Idol, but absolutely the most famous.

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