• Yes, any alternative energy is a good resource.

    Yes, wind energy is a good resource because anything is better than creating a huge excess of carbon dioxide to produce energy. Wind power, like solar energy, is a natural resource that is completely renewable. There are many areas around the world that experience enough wind to make a wind farm worth the effort.

  • Wind energy is a good resource.

    Wind energy is a good resource that should be implemented whenever possible. It is renewable and better for the environment. It can power the same structures powered by other sources of fuel. It does not pollute the enviornment or pose a hazard to workers like other resources used for similar purposes.

  • Yes, it is

    Yes, wind energy is a good resource for it is renewable and there are no oil spill risks. To be sure there are still some issues that need to be resolved in terms of turbines killing birds and wild wife, but as technology improves so will the wind energy resource. It is worth the investment.

  • Yes, it is.

    Wind energy is a free, renewable resource, so no matter how much is used today, there will still be the same supply in the future. Wind energy is also a source of clean, non-polluting, electricity. Unlike conventional power plants, wind plants emit no air pollutants or greenhouse gases. Wind turbines are available in a variety of sizes, and therefore power ratings.

  • Instability of produced current

    Wind power can never take more than few per cent, because as winds are irregular the produced current is too. However our power consumption in quite regular. Our power grids can handle some of this, but not more than few per cent.
    High concentration of wind turbines cause extreme danger of blackout.

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