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  • Windows 10 needs to be amazing and this is how

    Needs to meet the needs of the long term windows users as they are the users that have been dedicated to windows and for good reasons , Aslong as they dont change too much revert to what works and was popular ( win7 ) , cortana looks nice but could be a bit too far , how will it work in busy offices for example , the start menu should be able to go to classic mode for business's , and all the flashy process/ram hungry spiced up graphics and icons and resources should be controllable , OLD classic windows xp style Network / Domain login screen option weather on domain or not with options to remove picture and PICTURE BOARDER , little things make a mix of windows 7 SP1 and windows XP Sp3 with a little 2000 simplicity of programms and microsoft will be onto a winner , if you want to change loads have options to revert to the old style to adapt to compatability of the user and the new OS

  • Yes, Windows 10 is going to be a better version than the previous ones.

    In a way, it makes sense to cut Microsoft some slack for the failure of Windows 8. The operating system was Microsoft's first major venture since the definitive victory of the smartphone and related technologies in the world of tech. Microsoft, then, took a gamble in making their new OS look like a mobile OS. With Windows 10, Microsoft should be able to get back on track.

  • Windows 10 will be a vast improvemen over past editions

    Microsoft has finally started listing to the people who actually use their software and for whom it has to function in an acceptable manner. Because of this Windows 10 will meet the needs and desires of the people who have to use. A good example is the fact that they added the Start Menu back, something one missed and complained about.

  • Windows 10 won't be better the prior versions.

    It seems with every new Windows release, the build-up and promises far outweigh the content once it is available for public use. I expect Windows 10 will give just modest improvements to Microsoft's operating system, but will not be a ground breaking new OS. I feel that Windows 10 will be a solid OS but will not break new ground.

  • No, I don't think so.

    No, I do not think that Window's 10 will be better then the previous versions. I absolutely hate windows 8 so if they just make it a small upgrade from that one it won't be much good. But if they completely change it or make it similar to Windows 7 it might have a chance.

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