• Its a terrible user interface based on internet explorer

    Because the metro interface is really just a menuless version of IE it cant do want native apps on everything else in the world can , therefore their app store is full on nothing but low quality apps produced my unskilled developers, its not doomed its already a stinking corpse.

  • Windows 8 unpopular with the public

    Unfortunately, Windows 8 is likely to go the same way as Vista, which was highly unpopular and was rapidly phased out. It is unpopular with the public as it has an unusual and apparently non-user friendly interface and therefore it is unlikely that the public are going to want to buy it.

  • Yes, it's already dead.

    Yes, I think Windows 8 is definitely doomed, and probably already dead. I haven't heard one positive thing about it. The desk top is almost impossible to navigate, the power icons are off the screen completely and are hit or miss, and shutting the machine down takes an instruction manual. Trying to use Windows 8 is extremely frustrating.

  • Windows 8 is doomed - too much change, too fast

    I don't think in it's current state, Windows 8 has much life left in it. The change in the system between this one and the last is so radical that even I, as an experienced computer user, has had difficulty using it, with no option or ability to switch to anything that looks familiar. I will not be upgrading my computer for the forseeable future as I cannot use the new system, and I feel that I'm not alone in that decision.

  • Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is not doomed.

    Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system software has made some fundamental changes in the way people interact with their computers, laptops and tablets. As was the case with changes from the Windows 3.x family, Windows 2000 and Windows XP the changes are considered flaws by some. The reality being users will adapt to the changes that are valid improvements and the flaws will get corrected. Windows 8 will survive!

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