Is Windows 8 the best current operating system on the market?

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  • Not at all.

    I don't mind Windows 8, but it's definitely not the best OS out there, although I have no experience yet with the more recent developments of OS X, I find it in general to be a much more user-friendly experience. Also can we please not forget Linux? . . .

  • I miss windows 7 already.

    Only because everything worked. I'm using Windows 8.1 because I have a dual monitor workstation... 8.0 was terrible for two screens and I had to download Display fusion to get it to function... Upon dling 8.1, Would you know .Mov files stopped working all together in all of my programs even with the latest quicktime. F.. Me.

  • No, Windows 8 is the most frustrating.

    No, I believe Windows 8 is the most frustrating operating system ever to be invented. The desk top is set up with no buttons on the bottom. To shut it down, you have to keep dragging your mouse all over the edge of the screen trying to trigger a panel to pop out so you can locate the power button. It's very frustrating.

  • No, Windows 8 is terrible.

    No, Windows 8 is definitely way more terrible than Windows 7 and has nothing on what Apple does. There isn't anything good about Windows 8 and, unfortunately, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It's clunky. Yeah, it starts up quickly. But that's about all it does quickly. I can't wait for the next iteration is all that I know.

  • Windows 8 is the winner.

    Windows 8 is the best current operating system on the market. This is because it has passed so much testing and has been refined over many years. Newer operating systems cannot compete with Windows 8 for this reason. Windows has had so many years to season, and that is why it has so many adherents.

  • Copies Android Too Much

    I personally like Windows 7. I see it as more of a throwback to the widely popular Windows XP. I've seen Windows 8 and few times and used it occasionally but I'm not a big fan. I think they were more concerned with copying Android like themes that I just don't expect out of an operating system.

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