• Yes it is.

    I will have to say yes it is, simply because Windows 8 is made for things such as a tablet. Not for a desktop. The windows 8 operating system is not compatible with most old, new and even current games. (You would think they would make things more compatible.) There are many, many bugs in the windows 8 operating system. The day I got my Windows 8 Lenovo desktop, after updating, windows 8 crashed. It reached 100 CPU and crashed the entire system. So after about 5 weeks of randomly crashing and finally figuring out what's causing it I continue to end the processes not needed to run while on the desktop portion of the os. Photo's, Messanger, and every app in the start menu. The computers that come with windows 8 also come with several programs that are already fully installed onto you're desktop, which happen to take up a lot of RAM and CPU, causing you're PC to randomly crash.

  • Yes but it depends

    Windows 8 is, in my opinion, an overly complicated 'thingy' and has much more restrictions and gizmos which are not described in the manual or whatever. However, if you're a complicated person like Windows 8, you may find it pleasant. But I guess the majority of people are not willing to be utterly left behind and would like to stick to something nice and simple.

  • Economic stand still, yet MS introduce radical interface change.

    If spend required to enjoy the highlight features, no wonder, at this time, the uptake is well below Win 7 sales for same period. Perhaps a product out before its time in the hope MS can gain traction in the Apple/Google stronghold areas. However past performance shows this is going to be a hard battle for them and PC sales will suffer.

  • Windowws 8 is just as bas as Windows Vista

    Windows 8 was a horrible idea by microsoft. Windows 7 was a million times better than windows 8 because on win 7 has a start button but win 8 does not. Rather win 8 chose to have a touch screen operating system that you would find on a phone. And because of that win 8 is horrible. WIN 8 ES MUY HORRIBLE!!!!!

  • No, it is not to blame for lower PC sales.

    I do not think that Windows 8 is to blame for the drop in PC sales. I think it is possible that it could play a factor in the drops, but it is not solely responsible. I believe that others, such as Apple, are just making faster and more powerful brands of computers that are better than PC.

  • No, there are many variables in the decline of PC sales

    Although Windows 8 has been less revolutionary than Microsoft wanted, it is not to blame for drops in PC sales. The economy is still in the dumps, and people are more likely to be happy with their current PC rather than buying a new one like they would have in the past. In addition, tablets and smartphones allow internet access on the go, making your home PC a much less integral part of your life online.

  • No, there are other reasons.

    There's no way that Windows 8 itself has caused drops in PC sales. PC sales have been on a downward trend even before the release of Windows 8, because of the growing popularity of tablets, netbooks, and smartphones. Consumers just seem to be spending more time on these devices than they are on a desktop. You can hardly blame them, as they offer many conveniences that a desktop can't-- affordability, lightness, and portability.

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