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  • No, they're both good for different things

    Both Windows and iOS have their pros and cons. Windows has much more support, is more widely used and is more customizable, while iOS is more streamlined and safer from viruses and malware. Windows is a great choice for those who enjoy video games and a lot of options while iOS is typically preferred by artists or those who want a sleek, simple design. Which is better depends purely on your computer needs.

  • It is a matter of personal preference.

    Windows and iOS are both high quality operating systems that provide computer users with the basic tools to accomplish many important tasks. While each operating system has its admirers and detractors, some fervently so, neither one should be considered the definitive better of the two. It is simply a matter of personal preference.

  • Windows is Buggy and Hard to Use

    Anyone who has ever used any of Apple's operating systems knows instantly that they were designed for ease of use. Windows, in contrast, is just a mess to use. It's non-intuitive and often requires dozens of steps to do what iOS or other Apple operating systems can do in just a few steps.

  • iOS is superior to Windows

    One thing that has set iOS apart from Windows is that it is known for being virtually bug free. Windows has a long standing reputation for being buggy, crashing, and updating very frequently. The lastest update, Windows 8, is now more confusing than ever. It has completely changed the design of the PC and is not popular among its customers. iOS however, has remained similar to it's previous designs, making it easily accessible.

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