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  • Microsoft still lags

    Microsoft could have it all today. If they really wanted it. But they
    are making a huge mistake. Instead of opening up the flood gates, they
    are doing the nickle and dime the public routine. They should just
    create one multiplatform software that works on any device! They already
    have all the patents and even Google pays them patent fees for their
    own software use. Microsoft makes more money from Google then its own
    software licensing sales right now. But Microsoft has been sleeping at
    the helm and because they did that, we now have this situation.
    Microsoft can break this whole thing open and steam roll this whole
    thing with one decisive move. But nobody at the helm has had the
    foresight to really make the smart moves that Gates made. I hope Gates
    makes something happen soon.

  • No, Windows is not comparable to Android.

    No, Windows is not comparable to Android. Things like Windows phones and Windows tablets just do not hold a candle to the Android operating system. Windows is the top in the PC market, but as far as mobile and tablets go Android continues to outshine Windows in every single way.

  • No it is not

    No, I do not think that Windows is comparable to Android. I believe that both systems are vastly unique, and offer users a totally different array of functionality when it comes to using both systems. I believe they are so much different that it would be like comparing apples to oranges.

  • No, I don't think Windows is comparable to Android.

    I think that both Windows and Android are entirely different, Android is more focused on Mobile phones and developing an icon bases user interface that is easy to access, Windows is more focused on word processing and business related tasks that are much harder to do on the Android system.

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