• Windows provides glitches

    Windows systems have been in a constant struggle to keep up with consumers demands for faster glitch-free of its competition. The updates of windows RT has lost data, been shut down and left so many of its trusted followers let down and discouraged with the system. The windows replacements have gone from bad to worst.

  • An "All You Need" System

    Windows RT is the computer of the future. Its a "all you need" system that allows people to do exactly what they need to do and not much more.

    Seriously how many people need to run advanced MS Access Databases? How many people are tinkering with the back end of the operating system? Unfortunately for all you techies not many.

    Now there will still be people who want and need to do these "Advanced" Computing tasks, and that is why there is a desktop mode. But for most people Facebook, Google, Basic Word Processing, Email, and etc can easily be completed utilizing Windows RT. And my question is this - if you can do everything you need to with Windows RT and at a cheaper price than the full version of Windows, why are you paying for the full version of Windows?

    The biggest problem Microsoft ran into was Consumer Education - hopefully for RT's sake they will not make that mistake in the future.

  • It's on life support

    Windows RT is not a great operating system. The Surface RT is a disaster and Microsoft has lost a LOT of money on it. Their CEO resigned because of its failure. But it's not dead. Microsoft has nearly unlimited cash reserves and refuses to admit its mistakes. Microsoft will surely attempt at least one more push to popularize Windows RT before declaring it dead.

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