• Yes, By far.

    1) No sweaty pits.
    2) No insects you have to keep killing
    3) Forest fire chances are massively reduced
    4) People with pollen allergies can finally live a normal life
    5) Working inside is finally bearable and working outside is a little more bearable than working in the summer.
    6) Snow. . . Well, There used to be at least.
    7) Staying inside gaming is less frowned uppon because it's cold outside.
    8) No more having to wash your clothes 14 times a day from sweat and deodorant stains ruining your clothes.


    #1. Winter is a snuggly season. No matter how cold it gets, You can always cuddle under your blanket and keep yourself warm. It's difficult to sweat rather than snuggle!

    #2. Snow covered roads, Trees, Vehicles, In fact, Every single thing looks and feels beautiful. Don't you love creating a snowman? Yes, You do!

    #3. Summer activities can be equally enjoyable during winters. You can go for hiking, Biking, Mountain tours and much more.

    #4. Hot chocolate milk under the blanket with your favorite book. What else does one need for that inner peace?

    #5. The outside air feels so much fresher and rejuvenating. Take a deep breath and air exhibits purity.

    #6. Do you like winter or summer? Whatever may be your answer, Don't forget, Winter time is Christmas time!

    #7. You can flaunt your fancy and uber cool hoodies, Jackets and leather boots.

    #8. Winters definitely drain out lesser energy.

    #9. Winters are no less than any other romantic film

    #10. Sometimes you can even skip your Sunday morning shower!

    #11. In case you get into the shower, Warm water tranquility doesn't let you come out.

    #12. Bonfires, Alcohol, And sweets sum up your every other day.

  • Winter is Beautifull but DEADLY

    In 2018, 40 people in Missouri died as a result of low body temperatures due to prolonged exposure to cold weather. The deaths serve as a reminder of the absolute importance of taking precautions to protect against winter weather, Particularly for extended periods. Winter roads are another area requiring additional attention. In 2018, There was 6, 615 vehicle crashes in Missouri in which snow or ice was a factor, Which resulted in almost 1, 700 injuries and 28 deaths, According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
    Missourians should consider these severe winter weather preparations:
    Create a family emergency plan and an emergency kit. Emergency supplies should include bottled water, Canned and dry foods, Battery-powered radio, Flashlights, Extra batteries, Manual can opener, And a first-aid kit. When power outages are possible, Charge cell phones and other devices in advance so you can communicate if power is lost.
    Assemble a separate vehicle winter emergency kit. Include a blanket, Radio with spare batteries, Snacks or energy-type food, Jumper cables, Flares, Shovel, And sand or shingles to give tires traction.
    Know the risks of exposure to cold temperatures. Protect against frostbite and hypothermia by wearing warm, Loose-fitting clothing in several layers. Avoid alcohol, Limit time spent outdoors in frigid temperatures, And stay indoors, If possible. Alcohol and drug misuse are often a contributing cause in hypothermia deaths in individuals between the ages of 25-64.
    Avoid driving whenever possible when conditions are poor. If travel is necessary, Make sure an emergency kit is in the vehicle, That your gas tank is more than half full, Cell phones are charged and emergency numbers are saved for fast dialing. Check on road conditions in advance on the Missouri Department of Transportation's Traveler Info Map: http://traveler. Modot. Org/map/. If your vehicle breaks down or slides off the road, Stay with your vehicle, And call or wait for help.
    Make sure alternate heat and power sources, Such as fireplaces, Wood stoves, Kerosene heaters, And generators function properly. These sources can be dangerous and must be maintained and operated. Keep the correct fuel for each source on hand in a safe location. Proper ventilation is essential. Properly install carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home. Only operate generators outdoors.
    Remember space heaters are dangerous and potentially deadly when misused. Space heaters account for about one-third of home heating fires and 80 percent of home heating fire deaths annually. These devices are supplemental heating sources and should be turned off when leaving a room or going to bed. Keep anything that can burn at least three feet from heating equipment. Never overload extension cords or electrical outlets. Spaces heaters should never be used in place of a primary heating system.

    Posted by: xdAN
  • Winter drags on forvever

    I live in the mid west which means I get a lot of snow. But were i'm from we get snow all the way up to April sometimes, The first couple of weeks of winter are nice but after that it is nothing but a waiting game till spring and April or May

  • Winter is not the best season.

    To me, Winter is a bad season. I hate the cold. I don't go outside much, And even less in the winter (because it's cold! ) Also winter in my place lasts for around 4-5 months, Giving me further excuse to stay inside.
    To me, Winter is mostly glum and blah. It drags on for a LONG TIME (it makes up most of my school year! ). It's bitterly cold. And the snow gets my shoes and socks wet when I walk to work. Also, I've slipped on ice before, Which is something you can not do in the summer (obviously). To me, Summer is the best season.

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