Is wireless electricity the wave of the future or will it be simply a passing fad?

  • It will be the way to go

    We thought that the cell phones would be a fad, the internet would just be a fad. Especially since people are moving much more now than they used to before. Nobody stays in the same house for all of their lives anymore. They make 3-4 moves in ones lifetime on average.

  • It has potential.

    Yes, wireless electricity is the wave of the future, because it has so much potential. Power lines are not exactly good to look at. They are also dangerous. People and animals are electrocuted on them every year. If we went to a wireless system it would not only look better, but also save lives.

  • No, it's just a fad.

    I think wireless electricity is just a passing fad. It seems like this comes up every few years and nothing ever comes of it. If there was really a way to provide wireless electricity, I think the electric companies would have come up with it by now. I'm sure they would prefer a wireless system to our current system which requires constant upkeep and repairs.

  • It's Not Going To Work

    The Tesla Coil was created a few decades ago and it offers wireless electricity. It's not popular due to the danger associated with it and the fact that the coil breaks down often. Wireless electricity has been a possibility for many years. I do not think it will be the wave of the future, not even a passing fad.

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