• "Witchcraft" is a Judeo-Christian epithet for various pagan practices.

    The pagan and neo-pagan (like Wicca) belief systems have all the qualifications of religion- a common belief structure regarding a god or gods. For a couple thousand years the Abrahamic faiths have been labeling every other religious belief as a "cult" or "witchcraft" in an attempt to demonize them and get converts.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    Religion seems to mostly be defined as a belief system where a group of people have one thing they worship. I do not know a lot about witchcraft, but it is my understanding that they have certain beliefs, and things they worship and prey to in essence. Overall I think it can be considered a religion.

  • Yes from a British Traditional Wiccan!

    I most definitely consider witchcraft a religion! It is true that it is decentralized and lacks a singular text or god, but the spiritual orientation is definitely a religion. We are originals, animists, individuals, freethinkers. That is our religion in a close-minded world. The religion of freedom, love, enlightenment, and individualism

  • Most true witches

    It astounds me to see the misconceptions about witchcraft ... If you don't harm yourself or others then who cares what religion you support. Each witch group I know. Pray, garden, and enjoy hanging out in nature. If gardening is a mortal sin than count me in....
    But on a serious note,
    Many witches or pagans I know are mostly Roman Catholic. They still have Easter and Christmas with family - but be mindful that each holiday that a witch has is usually on the same day or within a day or so of Catholic religions and major state/federal holidays.
    So while you celebrate your Easter - we celebrate Ostra (welcome spring! )
    When you celebrate all saints day we have our day of memory for ones past....
    When you celebrate Christmas we celebrate winter Equinox (hello winter!)
    So have faith that the true pagans - live and let live. Whether it's a tree, mouse, bug i.e. people.... Most witches are legit new age hippies 💓☺️

  • It is now.

    Regardless of its debated origins both Witchcraft and Wicca are accepted by several world governments as recognized religions. So regardless of the misguided idea that Wicca is not Witchcraft it is. And even if Wicca is the only Religious witchcraft now being practiced (which it is not) it would still make Witchcraft a religion.

  • Yes I do believe it is a religion.

    There are many different types of witchcraft out there to fit almost any cultural heritage, with many different sub groups. If you want to say it this way even Christianity is a different type of magic, you could say God is magic. So yes I agree it is a type of religion.

  • Religion is having faith or a belief in a higher power

    Witchcraft encompasses the belief of a stronger spiritual force, just like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. They are a group who identify themselves as such, and have a faith in a higher power. They believe rituals and other such traditions truly do impact the physical world. This is no different than a Catholic stating prayers are answered by a god. The only reason people refuse to see Witchcraft as a religion is because they cannot accept that these so called 'dark' religions contain many eerily similar traditions to their religion.

  • Witchcraft is not a religion.

    Witchcraft is a cult, not a religion. However,
    Wicca is considered a religion and some of that has forms of witchcraft. Since this is just an opinion, I would say there are different forms of art. Black art and good art. Some witchcraft could be considered good, but I don't think they themselves consider their art religion.

  • No, witchcraft is not a religion.

    Witchcraft is a skill. Religions like Wicca, are religions. Witchcraft users don't have to believe in any deities. Wiccans do. I have 27 words left so I will just fill it in. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Mkay bye!

  • Is candlemaking a religion?

    Ultimately, witchcraft may use and be used by religion but in itself doesn't seem to inherently imply it. It's religion about as much as one can say folk magic/folk remedy is a religion. Any atheist could subscribe to the idea of using natural remedies that have been tried and tested to be effective by historical empiricism. This doesn't mean they disavow the discovered science supporting herbalism in favor of fantastic explanation.

  • It is a craft

    Witchcraft is a craft, hence the name WitchCRAFT. It is often confused with the religion of Wicca. Though the two are similar, witchcraft lacks a deity/god and a certain set of beliefs. Wicca has these things. Also, i feel Witchcraft is more personal, offering more different paths to choose from. But, that part is just my opinion.

  • Witchcraft is a craft

    As someone who practices witchcraft I can say that it is not a religion. It is a practice. The difference is that religion worships a god/godess or other diety. A lot of times people confuse witchcraft with Wicca. Wicca is a religion similar to witchcraft because of other aspects within it, but wicca has a god and godess and witchcraft doesnt unless you want it to.

  • Wicca is a religion

    You see, if you look up a few places online and look into it quite a bit, you'd notice that they all quite clearly state that while wicca is considered a modern religion, Witchcraft isn't even considered a religion, While it may answer the definition it must have a lot of people believing it to make it a modern religion.

  • Is a CRAFT

    Witchcraft is the craft of the wise (witches). A person can be an atheist and can still practice witchcraft. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Wicca ARE religions. Any follower of these religions can practice the craft of the witches. Witchcraft has no dogmas, no rules no deities. Do what thou wilt.

  • Witchcraft is a practice not a religion.

    I myself, does not belong to any kind of man-made religious organization. But, I am a practitioner of The Craft. I am a gray witch, who works with Hecate. I also have a great respect for all the gods and goddess. I just don't participate in no kind of religion.

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