• Depends on Stability of User

    Yes, witchcraft is dangerous. What makes witchcraft dangerous is the mental stability of the person who is practicing it. Most of us do not believe in witchcraft and probably give it very little thought. The person who does believe in it, believes in it for a reason – because they think it can accomplish something for them. This can easily lead to an obsession which could be dangerous to the practitioner and those around him or her.

  • Anything can be dangerous

    Anything can be dangerous if one believes in it enough. It's not for me to say whether Witchcraft and magic in the real life actually "exists" and that's not the question being asked. Do I think that someone who practices Witchcraft can be dangerous? Absolutely. If they believe, they can make things happen. Magic or not, intense emotion to cause harm, or good by doing deeds - can be both positive and dangerous. Witchcraft can be dangerous- take out what you know about the movie lore-- some people believe Witchcraft is a deeply positive and a healing thing and some people who practice are or become delusional and that can in fact hurt someone.

  • Yes I think it's real

    Because my aunt is putting spells on my brother and he acts so different towards us. He isn't like this he would always talk to us and he'd have fun with us but now that he is with my aunt everything changed. And I feel like my brother is gonna be doing witchcraft.

  • Witchcraft is manipulation

    The core of witchcraft is manipulation. Manipulation of "natural" forces to change the way things are, then manipulation of the spirit realm through the use of offerings, rituals, incantations or potions designed to get the attention of or apease certain spirits, and finally, manipulation of other humans' behavior through the use of these forces and spirits. In forcing your will on the universe, you are promoting a form of selfishness that forces the cosmos to bend to your will whivh ultimately is unfair to everyone else in that universe.

  • Witchcraft is just another religion.

    First of all, witchcraft itself is not real -- no amount of spirituality, chanting, and potions will actually make magic of any kind happen. From a cultural perspective, witchcraft is no more dangerous than any other religion. Christianity has its own beliefs that stem from the unrealistic and improbable, Christians meet in groups regularly, and many parts of the religion involve praying, chanting and reciting or verse, all of which is similar to witchcraft in its own way.

  • Witchcraft is a hoax

    Witchcraft is not dangerous because there's no such thing as real witchcraft. The people who think they have witch powers are frauds. A person cannot be harmed by witchcraft. The only thing that can be a danger is the actual person itself since they may be a bit crazy if you ask me.

  • Yes and no

    First of all, if you have no prior experience of witchcraft, how can you make this decision? You can't know if something is dangerous if you have never done it before. Witchcraft can go either way, depending on how someone wants to use it. For example: If you were mad at someone, you could curse them (rather immature though). Or if your friend was sick, had a test coming up, just got dumped etc you could cast a more positive spell on them to make them feel better. It all depends on the intention. Witches aren't always good as people aren't always good.

  • Yes and no

    First of all, if you have no prior opinion of practicing witchcraft, then who are you to say it's dangerous? You can't know something like that unless you have experienced it first hand. Witchcraft can do many things, some good and some bad. It depends on who is doing it. If someone did witchcraft, and wanted to curse someone, they could. Also, if someone wanted to bless someone, they could. The witch's intentions arent always good, as people arent always good.

  • No witchcraft is not dangerous

    I do not believe that practicing witchcraft is dangerous to society. Our constitution guarantees a variety of liberties, including that of religion which is what witchcraft would be categorized as. As long as the free exercise of witchcraft is not linked to any direct harm to the freedoms of others, I see absolutely no harm in it.

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