• Yes it is a myth.

    Women empowerment is a myth in India. A woman is considered of less value than the dowry that comes with her in marriage in the country which lead to dowry deaths and decrease in the population of women. Majority of the women in India especially those living in rural countries are uneducated and how can one expect women to succeed or even gain power where they are not even considered equal?

  • Yes women empowerment is not a reality in india

    You can see that theor are 29 state in india but only in 3 states women is cheif minister . Why ?? Is it women empowerment

    And the answer in no

    According to equlity women have to 50% mean 14 cheif minister but only 3 and rest of state are run by men .WHY???

  • Women are not allowed to be independent in our society

    As a child take birth in a family so he/she has to depend on their parents but at the adult age they are independent and also able to take care of themselves . But in some areas while the girl child take birth in the family first she has to depend on her parents and after being adult her parents married her with a man so again she has to depend on him and in her whole life she has to depend on someone else or on other men this is just a disgusted thing we have in our society.As in her whole life she has to be dependent. I just want to say that she is also a human so treat her like a human not as a load or a property.

  • Women are empowered in now a days

    Yes ,as per my opinon concerned i think that women empowerment a myth in countrieslikeindia because earlier women donot have equal rights with men .They are permitted for the house hold works .They are discriminated but now they have got into every fields like crpf ,police,army,pilotetc and not only that women are 50percentage population inn india .Now somany have become employed and getting equall income like man .As they constitute 50percentage this will reduce gender equality ,poverty etc andnotonly thatthey are entering into politics
    so finally i conclude that if we empower a women means the family,and th esociety and the country will get empowered

  • Yes it is a myth.

    Although there are many schemes in favor of women, there is a thinking in a certain group of people that prevents women being equal to men. The uneducated and poor people are the ones who are a major setback to females. A variety of dangers are being faced. From chain snatching to eave teasing, females are not safe in today's society. Nowadays, women are gradually surfacing and doing the jobs and work which were usually reserved for men.
    We need a world we're there is equality and justice done to women.

  • Watch what really is happening

    In a totally traditionally and culturally rich country like india , it cannot be expected to change with a second in the field of women rights. This change requires time. But india had made an appreciable development within these decades.Nowadays women is seen in many higher job positionand also has contributed a number of strong women to the whole world . What for from the very basic thing , education of girls is given greater importance.So i believe that women empowerment is not a myth.

  • Women's are empowered

    In modern society women's are empowered in very highly. Women get same right as man's . IN OUR NATION women are came at the place where the man's does not came at, the reason for some are take back that there problem, am also a lady so i no the right and i get the right which i need so i believe that every women will get there right when they fight for it no one can make boundary for our dream's. But go road at night is not a good right for in reality this type of right is not need for lady

  • Second class citizen "women"

    In our society women;s are treated as second class citizens.The discrimination start at the time of birth , they where suffering a lot from society.Women suffer discrimination in all stages of her life.They does not get right to study as there like, in all ages they are controlled by somebody, the right's for girl's written in paper are still in there. The person who says women empowered also in reality like to have a child as boy, when a baby born the person feel more happy when the child is boy, it has so many reason ,the first one was to care girl was more hard task than boy, but the society does not thing that this case was made by the society it self , by different types women usages. Another reason was Dowry.
    The main reason for women discrimination is made b the women it self, the women also had to rise there sound

  • Women need their due share of respect.

    If you think a lot has been done for women empowerment, you need to think again
    1. Cases of female infanticides are still on rise.
    2.Certain sections of the society don't send girls to school once they attain puberty.
    3.Some are not send to schools ever.
    4. No. Of pre- age marriages are increasing.
    5. Dowry related harassment and deaths are still in news now and then.
    6. Harassment at work place, sexually or otherwise are still on rise.
    7. Sati is still being practiced in many parts of the country.
    8. The legislative strength of women is still less than 10%.
    9. Crimes against women are still on rise.
    10. Widows are still looked down by many.
    11. Gender disparity is high all time.
    The list is long but such attitude and gender bias is eating away a talent pool. The respect for women has been replaces with discrimination......

  • Equal rights for men and women

    I think women empowerment still remains as a myth because if it wasn't a myth then women would have equal rights as men. If women and men both are equal then why do some countries refuse women from working just because their husbands are not working.?If men and women are equal why do some countries not allow women to be a property owner? If men and women are equal then why are women still valued on the basis of the amount of dowry the bring in after marriage?

  • I don't think so .

    Women were not given equal rights before independence in india . After independence , it did continue but now they are treated equally as men and have all the rights as men . They take an active part in the society , they support the governing body and they are the backbone of their family . However it is true that in rural areas , women are uneducated , but the majority of women are educated and successful. Women are given almost all the rights given to men . It is because the stereotypes created which prevents the rural families to get the females educated .

  • We are trying our best!

    We are trying our best to get women equal status as men. And the situation of women are actually improving. I admit that in some places people don't let women study but in most places women are being educated and performing even better than man. They are performing better not only in educational field but also in other fields.

  • No, absolutely not.

    In the era of 21st-century, women's are moving shoulder to shoulder with men.They are no more in the veil nowadays they are acquiring the top positions in the country as well as abroad and making their strong presence in almost every field like politics, education, researcher, defence personnel, businesswomen and social worker which is a clear indication of her empowerment

  • No I don't think so

    Nowadays women's have the right to vote,she can express her view she can do whatever she wants to do nowadays women are educated mostly in rural areas Nowadays she can be a doc or judge a singer or anything else she has the freedom to do so it's just not a myth specially in india

  • Cannot neglect that status of woman has changed

    Although it is true that women in rural areas are still not getting everything what they deserve or what they are capable of ,we cannot neglect the fact that now they are free to express they are no more restricted to kitchens they have proved themselves to as good as men or rather better than men and it is for sure that women empowerment contributes to that

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