• Women in combat is a win for our nation.

    Women in combat is a win for our nation. We have finally put women in the front of the battle field in the military where they were wanting to be. They have proved that they can fight just as hard as the men can. We should treat them just as equal.

  • Women in Combat a Win

    Putting women into actual combat is a major win for our nation. Very few other nations allow their women on the front lines, and such a victory is long overdue for the United States. Without a doubt, women are just as effective as men on the front lines in today's world.

  • Allowing Women in Combat is a Win for the United States

    Yes, allowing women in combat is a "win" for the United States. In the struggle to create true equality among the genders, the allowing of women in combat is certainly an example of that growing equality. Thus, allowing women in combat is most certainly a win for the United States.

  • US combatants are operators of machinery.

    This isn't ancient Rome when strength and stamina determine fighting effectiveness, in which case women would be at severe disadvantage in battle against men. In modern warfare, most movements are by vehicles. Killing an enemy is decided by the ability to aim a rifle rather than thrust with a spear. The ability to keep yourself safe is decided by discipline and training to hide yourself from an unseen enemy, rather than lifting a bronze shield.
    In modern warfare, women are not at a disadvantage.

  • Yes, but they should have the same standards as men

    This is a good step in the right direction for America. The women should be required to complete their training just as well as the men, and not given any leniency. They need to be able to fight just as well as men, especially when lives are on the line.

  • Yes, it is

    It is a large step in the right direction. Though some things, such as the difference in entrance requirements for men and women, need to be addressed and changed, it is a good thing for the country to have. It shows we are moving forward in the search for full equality.

  • No, not in the long run.

    If a woman wants to be in a combat situation, that is her choice. But there are many, many women who would be appalled at that role. So if there is any sense that in a draft they would be called up for combat, that is going to hurt the troops as well as skew our sense of femininity.

  • Men In The Military Are Hesitant

    I do not believe women in combat is a win for our nation. For the women that wanted to enter combat zone, it is a clear win. However, there are many men in the military that are strictly against this decision and that hesitation will follow both the men and the women into combat. I'm sure it will cause problems for some troops.

  • No, it is not a win for a nation

    Women serving in the military do indeed provide a variety of valuable services, but should not be able to serve in combat. The United States has made excellent progress in the advancement of women in the social sphere over the past half century, but this does not and should not extend to the military. A woman's genetic and physical makeup is different from a man's and this is proven by the different--and lowered--expectations that an entry-level military physical exam requires of a an enlisted female recruit. There may be a high number of female military personnel that do meet the male physical criteria, but a majority do not and this is proven by the aforementioned lowered standards women are subject to meeting upon enlisting. To add to this, many enlisted women are busy raising families, often without a father present. Social expectations aside, most branches of military worldwide only allow men in combat and many only require conscription of men. But the United States, with a 300 million-plus population, does not need both sexes serving side by side in combat.

  • No, but not because they are not capable.

    Women in combat is not a win for our nation, because women are not respected as they should be by the U.S. culture or by other world cultures, and having them participate in combat puts them in additionally vulnerable positions as it does men. Women are capable of doing anything men are, and doing most things better. But also there are so many deadbeat dads in the U.S., what happens when mothers don't come home? What will happen to any chance those fatherless children have?

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