• EVERYONE'S free speech is under attack

    EVERYONE'S free speech is under attack. Everyone, including women. We are turning into a police state. The governmetn does not want you to embarrass them. Look at what happened to Edward Snowden. The government is secretly plotting against us. (This is probably going to be sent to the modes, aka the NSA)

  • No... Actually, quite the opposite.

    Stereotypes aside. Women can say just about anything. The only limitation they have now is their own victim mentality. They can say, and do, virtually anything.

    It's actually the Opposite, men are under attack most. Being a guy, you can't say anything bad about a woman without losing every social contract you have.

  • No, I don't think so.

    There does not seem to be any reason to believe otherwise. Some of the most powerful people in the world are women. Angela Merkel, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama. To say nothing of all the female socialites in Hollywood who are quite popular and express themselves freely. Women seem to be able to express themselves just as easily as men.

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