• Yes, Women's NCAA Basketball is worth watching

    Women's NCAA Basketball is worth watching because it offers a different style of play. Although women lack the physical dynamism enjoyed by men, they are just as competitive if not more passionate. The Women's NCAA Basketball league offers more excitement because the players display high levels of skill and creativity.

  • Support for Women's NCAA

    When it comes to sports, women tend to get overlooked in favor of male athletes. For the past month, the focus has been on the Men's NCAA Basketball tournament as viewers and analysts tried to pick who would bring home the championship. Women's Basketball isn't given as much attention as men's basketball, yet that's no reason for viewers not to watch. Fans of college basketball need to support women's sports just as much as they do men.

  • The lack of parity hurts the sport

    Every year, it seems Uconn is the favorite to win the title. And many times they do. The reason why men's basketball is more watchable is the variety of teams that have a chance each year. Sure you'll have your share of teams that are good every year like Duke and Kentucky, but there are also teams that you wouldn't expect to contend, that end up contending. And men's basketball is of higher quality and the crowds seem much more into the game. Add in the fact women's basketball is not covered by the media often and you have a sport that is not very watchable.

  • Not a sports fan

    Many people like to watch sports on TV. I do not like to watch sports. I would rather play the sport. If I am interested in a sport on tv for the team, I may get the score of the game later in the day. I'm just not a fan of watching tv sports.

  • Women's NCAA Basketball not worth watching

    I am not a fan of basketball period. I feel that televised sports such as basketball are more for men than women. Sure the sport is for both sexes but I think it is a waste of airtime for it to be televised if no one is going to tune in to watch it.

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