Is Wonder Woman the best female superhero in DC Comics?

  • Sheee iiiiis aaaaaaaaawwsooooomeeee

    Wonder woman beat up wolverene, even with his powers, his claws can't go through her bracelits made by athena her self. She also pin down superman, supergirl, martion manhunter, zeus, aquaman, batgirl, shazam, She even became the god of olimpus. Oooh there much about her that is so awsome, shall I go on

  • Wonder Woman may not seem very awesome, but trust me, she is.

    Wonder Woman is an awesome superhero. She was born an Amazon Princess. She can stand up for herself and she has the beautiful, amazingly awesome goddess life. She has an invisible jet, an truth lasso, and she is the descendent of the Greek gods. As a great person, and an awesome superhero, as one of the top 3 heroes in DC Comics, she is, without a doubt, the best female superhero in DC Comics.

  • She's Cool, but not the best.

    I agree that Wonder Woman/Diana Prince is a wonderful DC character. However, there are other, less known characters, who are amazing if you give them a chance. Personally, my favorites are Zatanna Zatara and the Barbara Gordon incarnation of Batgirl. Zatanna is a... We'll say pretty, magician who enacts spells by speaking them backwards. She has been used as a love interest to both Batman, Nightwing, and several others.

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