• Yes, I think hes a sicko

    I don't know about child abuse in a sense,but he sure is strange. I think what he did with his adopted daughter was out there. I know I am not the only person who think so, he can't be considered normal in that aspect. I hope he realizes that was just gross.

  • No he is not guilty.

    All the evidence concluded that he is not guilty but some people & the press find it convenient to look past the evidence. Before you make a decision please read the evidence rather than simply responding in an emotional, irrational way. Abuse expert teams found Dylan was probably coached and that the abuse definitely did not occur. That's why there was no abuse trial and no charges.

  • 100% not guilty

    Not only there’s zero evidence but the time and circumstance when they claimed it had happened was in the midst of a custody battle when he was under heavy scrutiny, and where it happened the house was full but of people. He may like young women, but being a child molester is another matter.

  • No, he is not guilty

    All the child care professionals who intervened directly in the case and interviewed Dylan concluded that there had not been sexual abuse. All of them-
    - Child Sexual Abuse Clinic of the Yale/New Haven Hospital.
    - New York State child welfare Services.
    - Dr. Coates.
    - Dr. Schultz.

    No one of them was appointed by the defense

  • I don't think Woody Allen is guilty

    I think that we should be very sceptical of claims coming from the child of an estranged parent. Their is a lot of animosity between Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, it's easy to imagine what would motivate Mia Farrow to coach her daughter into making false accusations. Calling someone a liar about an issue like this isn't something that I do lightly, but, we must remember that one is innocent untim proven guilty.

  • No, Woody Allen is not guilty of sex abuse.

    I do not think that Woody Allen is guilty of child abuse. I think that there isn't enough evidence to suggest that he is guilty of such a horrible crime. I think that while he may be a horrible person, it doesn't mean he is guilty of child sexual abuse.

  • It Is Doubtful

    Upon investigation of the sexual abuse charges brought up my Dylan Farrow and Mia Farrow it was said that there may have been coaching by her mother, Mia. They also indicated that Dylan may have made up the charges herself due to the pressures of the environment she was living in. Needless to say, the family dynamics were not perfect and I think either of these could be perfectly legitimate reasons Allen was accused, despite the fact that Dylan is now reaffirming the allegations.

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