• Yes, getting people to work is the best option.

    Yes, workfare is better than welfare. It is a fact that people feel better about themselves when they are working. Their no greater felling in the world than providing for your family with hard earn money. Even though workfare isn't perfect it can set the foundation for a better life in and out of the home.

  • Workfare System is a step in the right direction

    Workfare is a relatively new, so we can expect there to be some pitfalls, I believe that workfare recipients should be represented by a union because they are being employed. By making workfare empathize on on education and career path it would be a lot better.

    I love the irony that it fulfills the socialist slogan "From Each According To His Ability To Each According To His Needs"

  • Yes, workfare is a better system.

    I believe that a workfare system is better than a welfare system. I think that a system based on making sure people can work and put the responsibility to themselves instead of the government is always better than anything like a welfare system. The welfare system today has way too many problems.

  • No It's Not

    During my time in Tennessee when I was employed part time and also a full time college student who received benefits for myself and my son I was forced to complete a series of software teaching lessons for a workfare type program where I had to be enrolled in certain activities for a certain number of hours each week. This was a huge problem for me because my residence was 15 miles from where I had to do the studies and I couldn't take my child with me. I was already leaving him at day care for work and studies, so this added even more on. Given the fact that the day care was 30 miles away, I used my small welfare payment of $120 each month to help cover the cost of gas to fulfill all of the requirements to receive the benefits. In the end, I was wasting a good portion of my time and being forced to spend the small amount of assistance I did receive in gas I wouldn't have used otherwise. In my experience workfare doesn't work.

  • No, it is not.

    the problem with workfare is that it does not guarantee a job to everyone. And even if it did, it does not guarantee that the job is going to pay enough to able people to have shelter and food. Welfare does guarantee this. It guarantees homes and food, as long as you're signed up.

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