Is World of Warcraft the most addicting video game of all time?

  • YES. If not, very close.

    Who knows which games can be the most addicting. However for me, personally I do think World of Warcraft is the most addicting. Why? If you ever play the game or know about the game. It has big maps, endless adventures, quests, pvp, and everything you can imagined. This game is the real deal for many people. I, myself have struggle with WOW addiction. And after years of playing, I finally uninstall the game, mainly because I've literally reached my peak, or end point. Finally I got bored of playing it and I kept convincing myself this game is lame, cause all you do is grind - killing monster leveling up, player versus player. Finally to my surprise of a month without playing I finally end my WoW addiction. Also, the hefty $15/monthly price was a big contributor to ending my addiction as well. Overall, gaming addiction is really real, just like drug and alcohol. And I do believe it will be a growing addiction within the next decade, and there should be more people or professionals who should really help these game addict , because it really really hurt the person's life in so many unimaginable way.

  • It sure is

    I have at least 4 friends who are/have been addicted to it and thankfully I didn't get hooked as well because I managed to steer clear of it. I don't see why it's so addictive but it sure is. People role playing on it and not really paying attention to anything around them is starting to become a problem.

  • World of Warcraft is the most fun game ever played, and I think about the game even when I'm not playing the game.

    World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games ever so I think it's kind of because of how addictive it is. Also at one time some one died from playing World of Warcraft to long, so I guess it's so addicting it's harmful. So all and all you think World of Warcraft is the most addicting ever.

  • Yes, World of Warcraft is the most addicting video game of all time.

    This game has millions of players and subscribers playing. Many of which forget to pay other bills are do everyday life chores to keep their living space clean and well. The game has new content released each year, and sometimes faster than a year. They have raids that can take hours at a time to get done, and hundreds of quests to do. All of which makes getting off the game very difficult.

  • World of Warcraft is addicting to many people.

    World of Warcraft or commonly known as just WOW has a huge fan base and following. The fact that so many people play it daily and for multiple hours on end shows that this game may in fact be addicting. People develop a big habit of playing WOW whenever they get a chance. Some people can in fact make money off it but it seems that many people are leaving their other responsibilities behind to play this game. That is addiction.

  • Not for everyone.

    No, I do not think that World of Warcraft is the most addicting video game of all time. I think that for many people, it is very addicting, and it might be the most addicting game they have ever played. But for people not interested in games like World of Warcraft, a different game might be the most addicting for them.

  • World of Warcraft is not the most addicting video game.

    While I think World Of War Craft is indeed a very addicting game, I think the title of most addicting game of all time belongs to another online RPG, and that is Everquest. People literally have died from playing that game too long, and I don't think that's happened with WarCraft.

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