• Peace is possible

    Honestly, our rates of war, and violence have been going down fast. True, we have bombs that could decimate the planet, but nobody's been using them. It's gonna take a while, but eventually we'll all be happy in this world. Though we have different beliefs, it's nothing we haven't struggled through before. We humans are constantly adapting. And I believe, that someday, we will adapt to a point when we can finally have peace.

  • Peace is possible

    Honestly, our rates of war, and violence have been going down fast. True, we have bombs that could decimate the planet, but nobody's been using them. It's gonna take a while, but eventually we'll all be happy in this world. Though we have different beliefs, it's nothing we haven't struggled through before. We humans are constantly adapting. And I believe, that someday, we will adapt to a point when we can finally have peace.

  • It is possible

    We need world peace it will stop fighting and help homeless people people would not lose their familys and people would be togther agian so whoever said no you are wrong we need world peace no matter what. We need world peace no matter what we will get it some point in time

  • Why and What is world peace?

    Does it mean to achieve world peace we HAVE to go through war to learn the truth? We all already know, the key to world peace is through love. Firstly we all must recognise our separate differences and cultural beliefs but the main thing is to put love above all.

    What do I mean by Love? It means to UNDERSTAND one another. In this case, not only RECOGNISING our differences but also ACCEPTING our contrasts. This is very IMPORTANT. For example look at Singapore, we are a multi-ethnic society we have proven that it is indeed in fact possible to have peace in the world but at a "miniature version".

    "How will this possible social cohesion hold in a global scale? It's impossible" some of you complain and doubt. This is the important piece of the puzzle. The world leaders must come together to create a world where the childrens can grow happily without fear.

    Trust is important for this to take place. Trusting in one another to lower one's weapons and talk things out making compromises to create the beautiful world we dream of at the same time trusting the other party not to be too selfish with the requests. Trusting in one another to uphold their promises. Trusting in one another will allow countries to help one another in times of needs such as natural disasters. This will prevent discrimination of races and religion worldwide. But it also requires the government of countries to educate their people about the importance of social cohesion and the consequences of breaking the bonds holding us together.

    However, bickering is inevitable, but we must be able to learn from the conflicts and grow stronger together with stronger bonds!

    The reason why world peace is necessary is because it's the key, the ONLY way to save our precious blue marble called Earth. Only through world peace can the whole world work together to focus on the problems which are concerning the humanity. Global Warming, Pollution etc.

    Working in segregated groups is like pieces of limbs trying make a cake. It is not possible.

    Therefore it is important the whole world to work together to build bridges instead of walls.

    To those selfish people, let go of the past, going to war isn't going to save or bring anyone or anything back.

    All of these is easy for me to say, as a fellow singaporean and as a spectator I would like to voice out my opinion that it may hopefully help the world progress. We could be shooting photographs of amazing things around the world instead of just shooting bullets at each other.
    Camera Flashes > Bullets muzzle flares

    Finally here's my message for the political leaders. Instead of waiting why not YOU initiate first? Isn't a leader suppose to show the way to prepare for the better instead of waiting around for something to happen before taking action? It's difficult I know but it is worthwhile in the Long term

    Posted by: zlsr
  • Yes, but incredibly difficult.

    If you look at the reasons for war and violence, it comes down to differences. Someone has more land than you, someone has a different belief to you, someone has more crops that you, someone has more money than you. You must eliminate all differences and somehow live as one, that way, there will be nothing to be angry about, nothing to fight about. But it's near impossible.

  • World peace is possible

    I think world peace is possible in the fact that maybe we can stop war and earth destruction. We're all human. Obviously not all disputes will end. But state sanctioned killing and war may eventually end. Many civilizations have achieved peaceful societies and if we all made this a priority we might be able to do it.

  • World Peace Is Possible because we can't continue if all what's happening is getting attacked by terrorists and everything.

    If we don't do something the world is going to end or become nothing. People will be robbing and killing each other. It would become chaotic. So if we all come together. WE CAN CHANGE SOMETHING. We have to set aside our differences with the other countries. We need to do something about our resources too. So if we can become allies with the other countries and stop terrorism, world peace is possible. It will obviously take a lot of time and be a difficult task, but anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

  • Yes, here's why....

    It's possible, and it's in this article. If this idea were to spread beyond just the United States and encompass all nations, then maybe. PLEASE read it, it's short and it just might surprise and inspire. Is it not our duty to create what we want rather than focus on destroying what we don't want?

  • We just need a change of mind...

    Peace has only been prevented because of want. Power, wealth, selfishness and self-gain are the main causes of violence and crime in the world.
    If you think about it, all the terrible events that have changed the world have been caused by these four things. The two World Wars were caused by the want for power, wealth and self-gain.
    Even smaller events, such as a burglary, are caused by self-gain and wealth.
    You might argue that a man stealing to provide for his family is not to do with power, but would the man be stealing if people had supported him?

  • World Peace is Possible

    We're all human. Think, we are all responsible of making well equipped decisions. Kids are the future and if we nurture them, and not bring them up to hate differences- meaning races, religions and genders. It takes one person to make a difference. And if we all work together and do our part in making world peace possible - it could happen. We could establish strong bonds between countries. Alliances, treaties. If we learnt to do something for another country without expecting repayment and having to go to war, we could possibly establish world peace.

  • -Religious influence on the political level-

    Due to the ever-growing religious conflict throughout the world and the influential power Religion has on politics and different governmental systems, governments are being led more and more often by leaders with religious mind sets. Due to this, the nations in which a certain governmental or different political officers are leading, are being given laws and guidelines made by someone who was thinking with a religious mindset instead of logical, thought-through ideology. With that, religion infiltration of a political based structure has and always will turn into a festering disease linked to the crumbling and complete decimation of many, if not all, of past civilizations as well as some of the more modern civilizational leaderships. So unless every religious mass joins under one roof of complete and total belief, the idealisms behind 'World Peace' with never become a reality and be pushed into full recognition throughout planet earth.

  • If only human nature could be circumvented.

    I see two kinds of peace. The peace of plenty where people would want for nothing but that is flawed to its core as it completely ignores key things in human nature. Ambition, competition, greed, jealousy, and even thing as innocent sounding as joy (some people actually get Joy from watching others suffering)

    The other is the entire range of governance over people far left to far right, communism to capitalism, so many more it take forever to type them. Again it is human nature that stops world peace. People tend to rebel, you see it in toddlers, teenagers, and adults and under these forms of government (ones that strive for peace among all) they would have to deal with any threat to society big or small (with varying means of course) and if these means ever involved even the tiniest bit of violence in a peaceful world (free or not) someone will rise to call it wrong because that to is in our nature.

    This very debate (like many on this amazing website) is almost evenly split showing people tend to have separate, opposite views. There are those, because people have different strengths and weaknesses, that would use those strengths over others to get ahead, if even by a little, and if everyone isn't on equal footing than you cant have true peace.

  • World peace will never happen.

    World peace will never happen because there are so many various cultures with different ways of thinking. When you have a group of people brought up to hate another group of people, it is hard to break through that barrier. Simple conversations about negotiation are not going to work. The hatred needs to stop and that will never happen..

  • Because of Man

    There are many reasons to why or why not peace is possible, but in this day and age, even if war is at a decline, it is because of the very beings we are that it is not possible unless every person in the world desires goodwill of his fellow man and to seek to support and help that cause without being overcome by anger, greed, ignorance, etc. All those elements of conflict and oppression of self and others.
    Because we are all so different in how we think and feel, to get the billions of people to be harmonious in thought, philosophy and principles, who would start to being this peace? And will others just stand by and do nothing, let them be? Their own interests, their thoughts and sentiments will get involved will others will be misled or remain ignorant of it all. Not only that, but because we are different, that is what diversity is, culture. If one had the power and money to being this rally for peace, how they go about it with all the different factors of culture and society? To make sure they don't stir up anything that'll cause possible animosity or even debate?
    Here are two possibilities. One World Government and Isolation. Both are impossible due to the formerly mentioned, and the latter is shown to not have been kept by even the greatest of countries whether on rationale of keeping world peace or safety of its own people. Another is that there is a small fraction of man that rules these countries, even those whom the people have more say, it is that small minority that has the final say, and the power to carry through or prevent obstruction. If that small minority is corrupted, driven by anger, greed, and all those emotions and thoughts leading to conflict, then the country could go to war and return from it feeling it was pointless. If there was a system to address all of the factors leading to dispute, that all peoples would be contented and satisfied, and then upheld solidly with no twisting of words, propaganda, secrecy, then world peace would be much closer in reach.
    But because each individual has their own beliefs, values, thoughts and feelings, even if they were under one universal roof and maintained transparently, it would take just one person to cause questioning and conflict.
    Is man good or evil? Neither, but because of man, that we can think and feel and act accordingly to our circumstances and experiences, this diversity... To have all agree on even one thing alone, is that possible?

  • Too many variables are involved...

    When considering world peace, you must remember that in order to gain this peace, every race, religion, and nation would need to live harmoniously side by side. The world has always had struggles, wether it be an empire expanding territories or an African militia massacring a village to feed themselves. These struggles have plagued humanity since its conception and the problems seem far from fading. World peace would mean that there would be no struggle between Palestine and Israel, Socialism and Capitalism, or any other conflict involving polar opposites such as these. Humanity will never unanimously see eye to eye, and every problem will never be solved, which is the main reason why world peace is a fictitious speculation.

  • Peace is a lie

    Peace is a pernicious lie perpetuated by the weak. Human existence has always been characterized by conflict, because conflict is the vehicle that drives evolution. With peace, we would soon stagnate as a people and be wiped out by something or other. War has a way of keeping us on our toes.

  • World peace is not possible

    I believe that world peace is a myth and is impossible people have wished of this for years but were never successful their has always been a fight somewhere some how on this planet and it will never stop and it will probably get worse. I am here to state that world peace will never be accomplished by man kind.

    No trust among people, Many religions
    Countries always having war with each other > Pakistan and India , China and Tibet

    How can people with different cultures, religion, race and nationality learn to live together, without hatred and unfairness.
    To achieve this, it will take hard work, flexibility, and a great deal of open-mindedness. These three things are in very short supply in this world.
    Human beings are not capable of world peace because many religions are still fighting in this world such as Pakistan and India.
    One cannot be at peace with those around him unless he is at peace with himself.
    No one in this world has never hated anyone, if there is no peace within yourself you can never bring peace in the society or the world.

  • No

    Complete world peace is not possible because there will always be some type of evil out there. There will always be someone trying to take advantage of someone else that is weaker. This causes situations where people are not working towards world harmony and other nations have to step in and help out the weaker ones.

  • Sadly, It Is Not

    No, world peace is not possible. As long as there are people who value violence as a means to achieve an end, there can never be world peace. Since time began mankind has fought over religion and ethnic differences. Until all men can learn not to judge or hate, and to accept one another regardless of personal beliefs, then there can be no peace in the world. Like children in preschool, we would have to be taught to get along without fighting, but there are no teachers that grown men would follow or listen to.

  • Countries cultures and beliefs differ too much for world peace.

    I believe that we cannot have world peace because the cultures and beliefs of the different countries are too conflicting to ever come to some sort of world peace.
    People raised with a belief that directly contracts the beliefs of another person of a different nationality can never have peace.
    An example would be people that believe things such as land can be owned and people that believe things like land cannot be owned.

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Anonymous says2013-06-17T21:40:58.543
As far as there are human interractions and as far as there are individual differences there can never be peace in the world.