• Yes, world peace is unattainable.

    As long as there is religion, currency/money, drugs/ alcohol, power, etc, world peace will never happen! 21,000 people a day die of starvation while the other half are obese! Life in general will never be an even playing field. Also, look at Chicago Illinois. How many people are murdered every year? 193 people have already been murdered this year. Someone gets shot every 3hours and 31minutes in Chicago alone. World peace will never happen!

  • Nobody understands the question

    Everybody is answering no, and then giving reasons why it really is UNATTAINABLE. The question is not, "Is World Peace attainable?". As long as you answer "No", your argument contradicts your answer.
    Anyhow, while TRUE world peace is unattainable, everyone can make it a better place. No one should be naive enough to hope for absolute utopia but they should be confident enough to make a difference.

  • World Hunger is one reason

    Just to cut it short to be able to create a perfect world where no one goes hungry is one step towards peace, if we can't do that we got no chance. "But hey you also know that solving world hunger is impossible!" Exactly! That is the whole point, as well as with the state this world is in now we should probably start looking after the world first because the workd is basically as a whole our source of food soooooo yeah....

  • Naaaw no naw

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  • It's just impossible

    Listen, the only way you can really get world peace are two ways:

    1. Everyone has the same opinion, and everyone is the same.

    2. Everyone has to be extremely open minded and sympathetic.

    We all know that number two isn't going to happen so we're left with the equally impossible number 1. That means everyone has to be exactly the same. Same looks, same morals, same ideas, same religious thoughts, and so on. People tend to pick on and discriminate things that are 'different' or 'weird' in their sense, and the only way to avoid that is that everyone needs to become a carbon copy. So you trim out all the things you don't need to get the ones you do need to attain a perfect society, which means you basically chuck out anyone who shows any 'flaws' or 'abnormality'. It really sounds like instead of this amazing, wonderful 'World Peace' is actually a twisted dystopia.

  • Power and Vanity

    These two values have been the cause of more wars than anything. Somebody always wants to expand their territory or show off their possessions. Then they want more possessions. Such hunger leads to people valuing property over other people. "Why divide the scraps when I can save it for myself?" The human ego is its ultimate downfall.

  • Not in my lifetime

    the only possible way the world could truly be at "peace" is if either the world was ruled by one nation. Then the only thing to do would be to reach out to the stars and expand. Or the more likely would be if the human race were to become obliterated by some event. Then there would be nothing left to fight over.

  • In the wise words of the sniper.

    "So long as there's two people on the planet, somebody's gonna want somebody dead." Humans are by nature violent, almost vulture like in the way they swoop down on whatever opportunity may read its head. Combined with overarching feelings of racism, sexism, etc. that are often mutual, world peace is currently unattainable.

  • No

    I hope for world peace, but unfortunatly, it will never come. From the earliest days people have been hurting eachother, and it is not getting better. If there is ever wolrd peace, it would not last for long; a group would rise to fight the other, it is in human nature.

  • Yes, for now it is unattainable

    World peace would not be established until we as humans disregarded ethnicity, race, religion, culture and patriotism, to live under the banner of one world government. This would require the world to sink in and help each other out, but it's rather contrary for me. It's a fairy tail, and although I am an optimist I cannot deny the truth--world peace is unattainable until we give up our differences and live as one big family, like a body and if one part of the body feels pain, the whole starts to break down. If somebody gets hurt, everybody reaches out irrespective of caste, creed and gender. Such noble things are sadly unattainable.

  • Too much world conflict

    While in theory the concept of world peace sounds wonderful, there will always be factions and peoples that are opposed to each other. Looking back at our planet’s history, there have been people groups at war with each other since the earliest recordings of man. This is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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