Is world society in general getting better (yes) or worse (no)?

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  • Yes, all world societies have gotten better.

    Regardless of what is often stated in the news about the horrors taking place around the globe, the facts illustrate that we are amazingly fortunate. From our increased freedoms and equality (spiritually, sexually, racially and culturally), in the majority of countries and societies, access to health care and compassion that is unprecedented in history. We care. We care so much. We care about people, the planet and how we view the universe itself.

  • Way Better. People Just Want More, Naturally, So They're Blind to What They do Have.

    50 years ago, segregation was an issue.
    100 years ago, hygeine and soap was an issue.
    150 years ago, we didn't have light bulbs! Light bulbs for crying out loud!
    200 years ago, we had slaves.
    300 years ago, we burned witches! WTF!?
    Now, we have space technology.
    We have the internet, smart phones, all the music you can imagine, people are living longer, people can speak more freely than ever before, and we now have global relations, a better understanding of global climate, better equality, better ethics, and everything keeps getting better.

    People on the other side of this argument worry me.
    As Robert F. Kennedy once said, "There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of a comfortable past, which in fact, never existed."

    There was never a glorious time when society didn't have any problems. People don't understand that viruses and bacteria have killed more people than all wars combined through history in just a matter of years in certain times and places, and now we can stop them with vaccines, antibiotics, and antiseptics. Also, morals (in terms of actions) keep improving.

    The pessimists have been brainwashed by the media, which caters to ratings. Bad news gets higher views than good news, so that creates an illusion of danger.

    Also, people just want more in general, so people will never be fully satisfied. They will always complain. That's why there's doers, who get things done and continue to make everyone's lives better, regardless if we're appreciated for our efforts.

  • You're Thinking Too Small

    Stop thinking in terms of year to year. Think about in terms of decade to decade or century to century, about how far we've come.
    1. Longer lives (medicine, hygene, better safety)
    2. More equality every day
    3. Less superstitious beliefs
    4. Less crime (believe it or not, it's true)
    5. Better technology (you're on the internet, are you not?)

  • History would suggest yes.

    'Is world society in general getting better or worse?', this is an interesting question that stirs much debate amongst people. A typical answers one can expect is 'No', yet the reasons given are usually (not always) superficial. Let's examine the world we live in. In the 21st century all world economies are intertwined and countries are heavily dependent on their neighbours for resources, trade and assistance. Democracy is the fundamental political system in the Western world, and as flawed as our political system may seem to be, it proves to be a safety net for extremist views. In Europe countries have united, abolished borders and as a collective, work together towards 'the greater good'. The world and society is slowly uniting, all humans are now 'equal' (in theory) and due to global economies being dependent upon one another, world leaders are beginning to realize that problems are easier to resolve by bringing an adversary to the negotiating table rather than rolling tanks across their border. Through history people have been particularly brutal. The Roman economy was heavily dependent on the labour of slaves, and these people were a commodity to be traded with no freedoms or liberties. Humans were thrown into arenas and killed each other for the entertainment of society. Punishments for breaching some of the laws of the day included gross mutilations of the offender while crowds watched and if an execution was particularly notorious, families would make a day of such an event, akin to seeing a modern day parade. Emperors and Kings ruled with absolute power, and while some may have been just rulers others ruled and waged wars with their own agendas in mind. I am not saying that corruption is non-existent or that all people in power would make just rulers. Although if all things are weighed up, the people that inhabit the world today are much more just, moral and educated than the people that lived 2000, 1000 or even 500 years ago.

  • It's so much worse than even 20 years ago!

    When have you ever seen a time when parents were killing their children, and children killing their parents like you do now?
    You can't walk through a store without hearing the "F" word 20 twenty times. It wasn't that long ago that would've never happened.
    Children have no respect for older people in any station of life (teachers, bus drivers, etc) or their parents.
    Many more things, but those are three big ones. I could care less about increases in technology, if everything else around it is going down the tubes.

  • Dangerous Trends In The World Today

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but despite the good that is coming from a lot of modern advances, the general trend is downward. Increasing debt caused by the privately owned central banking cartel is making future generations into "debt slaves" thanks to the ball and chain of student loan debt furthered by the scam that "everyone needs to go to college". Thanks to destructive progressive taxation and economic policies, we continue to see a slump in wages and business development. Raising the minimum wage, as the trend is, will only trigger further economic destruction, and increase prices for consumers. Conflicts, such as Ukraine are looming ever closer to war, and global governmental organizations such as the UN have failed to prevent these from ballooning ever worse, while trigger-happy government and military officials salivate at the chance for another war. At home and abroad, the police and welfare state only continues to grow in size, with little being done by activists to counter it, and we increasingly are beginning to live in a world similar to Orwell's "1984". "Racism" is the new thoughtcriminal, and one, ONE inappropriate remark will see an individual completely obliterated and ostracized from public life. Our media has become a three ring circus, with "news" outlets such as Fox News spewing hyperbole and sensationalism, with many folks being spoon-fed obvious propaganda. Our environment, food and water supplies continue to degrade, with dangerous practices of GMO agriculture destroying bees and other vital insect species that our environment relies upon, not to mention the millions of gallons of toxic pesticides we dump daily. The laws passed and put on the books today are only to serve the select few lobbyists and corporate sponsors. Unless serious action is taken by all citizens of the world, we are in deep, deep trouble on many fronts, and I fear that it will only continue to get worse if current trends continue.

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