• It may come

    Now a day, we are facing many issues around the world. After the cold war, US are the top spot the world. The last two-decade, some of the countries have been belonging nuclear power more and more from day by day. Russia and China can compete for the USA. North Korea issue is the big challenge for our world. Another issue is the Islamic extremist. They always threaten our planet. The big challenge is the biasing of UN. They always bias upon the powerful countries.
    All of the above reasons, we may be facing the world war 3 coming soon.

  • Not even likely.

    Its not likely that a third global conflict can occur. Its all up to trigger happy Kim Jong-Un, Trump, or other nuclear ready countries. I can be sure that Kim Jong Un will not be reckless and aim Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles at Guam, or any other American territory. Kim should be cautious and should know that if he decides to attack any other nation without provocation, he will be severely punished. He can endanger his people as well, but many North Koreans state "we should bomb the whole world and await death all together" I don't see that with any significance but that's what I heard, and I'm hoping he doesn't go suicidal and to proceed with launching nuclear warheads at any nation.

  • We made the same mistake twice, a third time seems unlikely

    World War I lasted 1914-1918, and the second one from 1939-1945. These two wars shaped every aspect of the human world ever since. Technology, and weaponry has changed dramatically, and it has been predicted that a nuclear war would only need to last 2 hours to cause major loss of life. Humanity has changed, and has learned that one can not simply invade a country (WWII Germany invades Poland) without nuclear threats. This would rather cause a quick retreat. Or a nuclear onslaught. But no one will want to use these weapons, and no one wants to get hit with a nuclear missile. In conclusion, no matter how unstable this world tension bridge is. Nukes the - biggest weight and counter weight - may actually stop the 3rd World War

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