• Creative slump is bad!!

    If all of the authors in the world got writer's block, then no books or newspapers, or articles would be created. Then, where would we all get our information? Huh? We wouldn't have anywhere to get the daily information because the journalists wouldn't be able to write. And some of us wouldn't have any new books to read, or any new comics.

  • It Can Cause a Halt.

    Writer's block is a lack of ideas. Ideas are what begin movements. Ideas start novels, articles, magazines, newspapers, progression, stories, poems, scripts, plays...Without any form of written art, the only thing we would have is the morbid presentation of news. Writer's block is encountered by every single author at one point or another, and more often than not in some cases. No one can avoid it. It may be just a "hurdle" to some people, but if a "hurdle" cannot be overcome, than nothing can be produced, then there is nothing to read and nothing to inspire.

  • It is just a hurdle...

    Writer's block is a moment when one's creativity is being challenged. It has happened to a lot of writer's, and I strongly believe this. Writer's block obviously is when you can't think and the words aren't flowing as it usually does. But think about that for a moment, what is preventing the constant flow of your imagination and allowing your words to not be expressed? That is the challenge, once you figure out that challenge and you rework your strategy, I guarantee the imagination will recharge and begin again.

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