Is writing a speech hard, boring and/or annoying (yes) or do you like it (no)?

Asked by: DatAss
  • It can go both ways

    I honestly believe it can go both ways. I understand many students get stage fright or get nervous when speaking their opinion but once you find something you're confident about or have a strong opinion of, go for it! At first I thought I was terrible at writing and doing speeches, but once I did skits and improbs during summer school I felt confident. At first you might hate it, but maybe if you really try you will grow to like it.

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  • I enjoy doing it. (For some reason.)

    If it is a subject I feel strongly about, the words just come to me. I like to express my opinions, and writing them is one of the best ways to do it. Don't get me wrong. Editing sucks. I tend to read it over and over to make sure it's absolutely perfect. But for some reason I still enjoy it.

  • It can be enjoyable

    I don' think that writing a speech a is boring and annoying process because I believe it depends on the topic that is given to you to share your thoughts about. If the topic is interesting and clear to you, then writing can actually be fun. If it's something that you feel confident about - you can start enjoying the process of expressing your opinions on paper.

  • I thoroughly enjoy it.

    I love expressing my opinions regardless of the outlet, and writing a speech is a very common outlet. As long as I'm writing it about a topic I feel strongly about, there's no doubt that I will obsess over it until it's as close to perfect as I can get it.

  • For the same reason I enjoy DDO

    I enjoy expressing my opinion, just as I do on DDO. I enjoy politics. And writing speeches actually comes easily to me. I don't know why. I guess I can just easily express my opinion in words? I also enjoy giving speeches. Probably for the same reason I enjoy acting.

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