• I think so

    As a Christian, I look at things as they relate to prophecy. World events are lining up for the emergence of a one world order. Israel is being abandoned by it's allies, setting the stage for a peace treaty by the Antichrist, between Israel and Palestine. A treaty he will break 3 1/2 years later, when he enters the Temple and declares himself God. This will set the stage for the final battle. Call me crazy, but that's what I believe. That's what the Bible teaches.

  • It may come in the next century

    It's not a possibility; it's an inevitability. Though, the world may not have to worry about it getting to the point that it is called WW III in the near (five to ten years) future, however, the world is on the path to it as we speak.

    More than likely, as other posters have hypothesized, it will come near the end of the supply of oil as oil is the lifeblood of any nation. The population is exploding at an unprecedented rate and as that continues, the demand for oil will sky-rocket and the end of oil will come much sooner than projected.

    Then will come the inevitability of forging alliances. This may very well be what is happening now- the way that it seems the Western world is against Eastern world. Western: U.S., Europe, Israel (because Europe and the U.S. consider Israel "their baby"). Eastern: Muslim countries and all those who despise the U.S. and Europe... Like Venezuela and Russia. Russia because, after the end of the Cold War, their country was left in shambles and many of them yearn for a return of Communism; take a look at Vladimir Putin who is really pulling the strings of Medvedev because he cannot legally be president until he can figure a way to stage a coup (and I think he is one shrewd and cunning cookie and will eventually figure it out).

    China is a "wild card" and I am unsure which side it will take, or it will wait out the conflict and then ally itself with whomever seems to be emerging as the victor. Or China will wait it out, dormant and swoop in to duke it out with the victor. China will play a huge role in this as it seems to be the next world power to take the place of the U.S.

    And it will be both thermonuclear and biological. What a killer combination: either weaken a country so that it cannot fight and then obliterate it, or wipe it out and leave the survivors infected. Though, I like the idea brought forth by "V for Vendetta": what better way to wage a war by introducing a virus in order to leave the infrastructure intact, but kill off the populace?

    As for how it will all play out to the end, that has yet to be seen. The only thing we can count on is the fact it WILL happen. Besides death and taxes being an inevitability, war is one as well. It is a depressing fact, but one that humanity, unless we find a way to band together to defeat the things that don't discriminate in who they destroy (AIDS, other viruses, hunger, etc), cannot avoid.

  • World War 3 is Overdue

    After WWI there was a 21 year period until WWII. Right now were running on 70 years. War is inevitable for now. Rules have been made but in a war that your losing, which would you do? Follow rules set up for an abstract concept of "right and wrong" or do whatever it takes for your country to survive. Many countries the US included now have nuclear weapons. A quote "I know not what weapons WW3 will be fought with, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones." We can delay it but it cannot be stopped. Prepare yourself.

  • It's going to happen sooner or later...

    I have been observing the world for some time. We are unfortunately headed for another world war, sad as it seems. I don't know when or where or how it will happen, but war will occur before peace will. It always does, and always happen. The stupidity of some selfish men will undermine a lot of good people. That's what I believe.

    Hope I die before I get old.

  • The third world war is needed to allow a world dictator to take power

    Three world wars have been planned to allow the implementation of the One World Order and a world dictator to take over. This was stated by Albert Pike, Who is known as a spokesman for a secret society. This society does nothing without announcing it. But they do it in such a way it is not believed.

  • Donald Trump will start WWIII

    USA has many enemies around the world, And russia and china want to start the war at election to split nation and Donald Trump know that and want to ignite the war before to firmly stand on post president and can lead the war so he s increasing tension right now and other sides are trying to resistant to that for this moment.


    As the days of old, YHVH JUDGED all nations that did evil, even His own people when they disobeyed Him, through idolatry and sexual perversion.

    MARK the words of YHVH, His judgement is coming through a new system and rumours of WW3 before it actually hits, if the world doesn’t change fast and turn to him. It’s wtitten it’s foreshadowed before time. YHVH KNOWS ALL AND SEE ALL, AND WHAT PEOPLE AND NATIONS WILL CHOOSE.

    Today IN THE LAST DAYS - ISRAEL are in G-d’s favour as prophesy confirms, his protection and guidance are with them as they are turning back to Him.

    Our G-d is not mocked, if you hate Israel, and His people then you hate G-d. G-d wantS all nations to be saved through his love, BUT He’s warnings have gone out throughout the earth, NOW SOON IT’S TIME.

  • War is coming.

    I have a very strong feeling that war is coming in the next 10 years. Something we've never seen before. Religion, politics etc. is so divided that the spark will light. And sooner or later, that spark will light the dynamite. I see the war coming between 2 things. Europe is going to be engulfed in tension for refugees and Islam and the powers are facing war between China, NK, possibly Russia and others. From that, civil wars will arise. Its going to be a whole new level. The Greatest War is coming.

  • Nature of human kind. Power and fear. Greed and spite. Human kind on its knees, no more war no more fear. Arguments unnecessary.

    War on horrific scales is needed and necessary, war to end all wars seems close now, war is old paradigm giving way to new. Countries, borders and tradition, giving way to new connections and understanding . War should not be viewed as complex, but just as evolution, the same evolution creating artificial intelligence out of flesh and bones.

  • Its the nature of the beast which is the Human

    Humans have been waging war against each other since the dawn of their creation & besides the fact that this backwater civilisation of ours is over populated from every bastard breeding like rabbits, our resources are dwindling, our oceans are dying and yet we think we are the superior species upon this beautiful planet of ours. Well a population might do us & the other creatures sharing this beautiful home ours some justice. So I say let the war games begin its overdue.

  • There is little reason for it

    Nations across the world have made peace with each other, and now identify as "on the same team." Look at the United Nations, European Union. Countries economies rely too much on each other to go to war. We have seen the mistakes that were made that lead to the events of ww1 and ww2, and this is proven by how we are living in the most peaceful time in history on a global scale. Massive wars are virtually non existent, if there was, there would only be mutual destruction, and we know it too thank god. Also cultures are starting to assimilate more than ever before, and with that comes an understanding one another. The Media would like you to think that the world is turmoil, but really times have never been better. Sure there could eventually be a WW3, but in the near future? Unlikley

  • Mutual assured destruction

    Is the idea that no country will attack another country when it knows the likelihood of both of the countries being destroyed is high.

    As we build more and more nukes, the amount of countries that fall under this mindset continues to increase.

    For example, Russia would not Nuke the US because in doing so they would seal their own coffin when weapons exist on both sides that have such enormous affects.

    Therefore any future war is not likely to be a worldwide war. If it is, it will be a Cold War.

  • The world is gonna have peace around the world.

    The reason why its because having peace around the world is good for people. There is NOT gonna be world war 3 at any time or anywhere. If there is, it could start right now, I mean like, why would people want world war to start right like now? :3

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