• Its very well real

    I live in wyoming on a ranch. Many people say well you never meet anyone from wyoming and the main reasion why is we don't like people at all. So don't come mess with us we all have Guns. And the truth is we are glad you guys think its fake beacuse we don't want you around

  • Wyoming is real

    Come on, They have one of America’s most famous national parks, Yellowstone, Which includes the famous Old Faithful geyser. Yellowstone is the oldest national park as well. Grand Teton National Park is in Wyoming too. Wyoming also has Jackson Hole, A famous skiing destination. If you really want to know what state is fake, It’s Iowa. The government made it up so there could be exactly 50 states and if Puerto Rico becomes a state, The government will announce that Iowa is fake.

  • I live there!

    Hey disbelivers, Wyoming is real! Although it is very empty, There are a few towns there. I don't know why every one says it isn't real. If you still think it isn't, Drive there and see what it is. It is Wyoming, Not the sea or a big black hole O. K. People? !

  • I live in Wyoming

    Ever heard of Cheyenne frontier days its in Cheyenne Wyoming. Also SEE the map! It is a square the is mostly empty. There is Estas park in it. For heaven sake it’s not a conspiracy theory. So LOOK at the map its far more real then a flat earth. Idiots

  • Garfield said so.

    Garfield told me Wyoming wasn't real, So Wyoming isn't real. We all know Garfield can never lie and is our lord and savior. Why would Garfield lie to us? He wouldn't. He is god. He would never lie. We should all believe Garfield all the time. This is why Wyoming clearly isn't real.

    Note: Vermont also isn't real.

  • It is a Minecraft chunk error

    It is merely a chunk from Minecraft that has not loaded in yet. It may come into existence later in the lifetime of this country but currently, It is using McDonald's WiFi. I project it coming into existence in around five hundred to one thousand years. Before that, It will be considered fake.

  • The hell is that

    Of course its not why would it be, I don't even know waht it is go away I don't know you alien freak I swear to god you don't know what youre talkin about in my flat earth go away you are so god damn wrong, You need jesus right now

  • What is Wyoming?

    Is that the ninth planet? Or is this some exoplanet? From the picture, We can see that this is rectangular. Why? Is this the picture of the capital of Wyoming? Or is the planet itself a rectangular prism? Heck, It is as obscure as the exoplanet named X-3890C! You joking?

  • Wyoming is a Chunk Error

    Wyoming is clearly a chunk error. Normally the area is shared by Montana, Idaho, Nebraska and the Dakotas. Though there was a chunk error and that is how we got Wyoming. Also birds clearly aren't real, But they are government drones. You all have been lied to by the lizard people.

  • It just isn't

    I listened to Garfield, Our lord, And savior. He is the one true god, And if anyone ever says that he is just a comic must be burned at the stake for their crimes against humanity. I will never visit a place that doesn't exist. You can't divide zero by zero.

  • Wyoming is fake news

    Wyoming is not real! The U. S. Has 50 states. They are: Alabama
    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York
    North Carolina
    North Dakota
    Puerto Rico
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    South Dakota
    West Virginia

    Do I see Wyoming on this list? No! The media lies to you when they say Wyoming is a state.

  • Its not real

    You ever met anyone from wyoming? Boom! Exactly! The goverment doesn't want you to know this. But know you do. Not only is wyoming not real, Neither is vermont, Or montana, Or iowa. Mind blown! Don't tell the goverment. Now you know. Anyone who thinks wyoming is real is a goverment official

  • It’s government land

    The state of Wyoming is something that the government wants everyone to believe is real. Name one person from Wyoming, Oh right you can’t. And anyone who claims to be from Wyoming is paid by the government to do so. Do not believe the lies of those who claim to be from the “state”

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