• Yes just yes

    Yes just yes, Halo, yes just yes, awesome, yes just yes, better than ps4, yes just yes, i can go on, yes just yes, screw play stations, yes just yes, play stations don't have halo, yes just yes, I told you I can go on, yes just yes, I win lol

  • PS4 Takes Leap Over Xbox One

    The PS4 has edged past the Xbox One in the competition of next-gen consoles. There have been setbacks to the Xbox One, specifically an error that's been deemed "Disk Drive of Death." The error is caused when the game disk causes the disk drive to emit a weird sound while revving up the game. The sound does not go away and the console has to be shipped to Microsoft to have it fixed. Also, the PS4 plays certain games in 1080p resolution that the Xbox One plays in 720p; because of this, the PS4 has taken advantage of the console and the technology initially than the Xbox One.

  • No, it is not.

    Xbox one and PS4 both bring similar things to console in general. The PS4 though feels more reliable, was built for gaming, and has gamers in mind making it better for those who love to play video games and get serious with it. Xbox one tried to make it more family friendly, resulting in a worst product for gamers.

  • Definitely not Xbox 1 sucks

    I can't tell you how many times the games on the Xbox 1 exit out onto the main menu. Like when I play ARK on it it freaking happens every 30 min! I played ARK on the PS4 and haven't had a single problem! So no the Xbox 1 IS NOT better than the PS4!

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