• Close competition between them.

    Although their processors have nearly the same capabilities, the Xbox One boasts CoD map packs first, Halo, and numerous other exclusives. Quite frankly, the CoD map packs alone makes the Xbox better. The PS4 also lacks party chat and none of the playstation exclusives come close to matching CoD and Halo. It's close, but I think the Xbox One takes the lead.

  • Both Consoles Equal in Scope

    Based upon sales ahead of Christmas, the XBox One and the PS4 are equals. Both have exclusive games found nowhere else and both have outdone Nintendo's WiiU. Both offer faster CPUs and better online play as well as outstanding graphics. All of those are what players want as gaming is taken to the next level.

  • It's all up to the consumer

    Even though I have always been a "Sony Guy", each system has their own positives that make them both stand out. Both are going to be great entertainment systems and it really depends on what the user is looking for. I really don't feel either system is considered better than the other.

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