• Xbox one is better

    Do you like getting hacked? Welcome to the ps4. Do you like unsecured network and terrible network connection? Welcome to the ps4. Now do you like the best game exclusives and the best online experience? Welcome to the Xbox one. Nowadays, most people who have gaming systems go online. If the network capability is not good, nor the security, it's not going to be that system they are going to pick.

  • Xbox One Superiority

    The Xbox may have fewer exclusives, but quality over quantity. Halo is a huge game and only comes to Xbox. Call of Duty, the largest franchise out there, favors the Xbox with early map pack releases. No exclusive on PSN comes anywhere near these two. Call of Duty alone crushes the PS4. Playstation is second when it comes to the best and most popular FPS on the market, CoD. This shows that CoD anticipates the Xbox to be superior to the PS.

  • Its based on opinion

    Even though I prefer xbox over playstation I don't think its the best console ever. Even though the game are pretty good on the console the resolution is usually worse than the ps4. However I prefer my xbox over my playstation because in my opinion the exclusives are better and thats what keeps making me play the console.

  • Good, but not as good as PS4.

    The Xbox One is slightly less powerful than the Playstation 4, it has less major exclusive games, does not have the same support from the gaming community, is more expensive than the PS4 and has sold far less units. It has some decent multimedia capabilities and comes with the new Kinect (version 2) but it is behind the PS4 in a lot of ways.

  • Too much horrible media

    When the console was revealed back in June, there was so much backlash I didn't expect Microsoft to be able to recover from it. I suppose they did, because people are buying it, but the whole idea of Kinect again is just bitter. I also just don't like Microsoft, their really money grubbing and don't really care about their buyers.

  • Sales say otherwise

    I don't like the PS4 or the Xbox one but PS4 is killing Xbox one in sales according to IGN, I don't care personally I'm mostly a PC/PS3/Retro person myself also don't worry about it who cares what other people think is the best console that is up to you to decide.

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